P-Bandai: Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) Anchor Gundam - Release Info

Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) Anchor Gundam
Release Date: February 2024
Price: 12,100 Yen

The Tamashii official webshop has opened the pre-order for Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) Anchor Gundam! It is a customized mobile suit that appears in the Manga Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Dust. It is piloted by Ash King, the protagonist of said manga.

The limited figure will be released in February 2024 as a Tamashii Webshop exclusive for 12,100 Yen (taxes included).

Anchor Gundam provided with a variety of unique features and equipment unlike any other Gundam in the Crossbone Gundam series. 

The Anchor Gundam is equipped with a head cutter which located on its head, it rotates at high speed and is used for closed-combat attacks. In the manga, the head cutter equipment can transform into a v-fin type shape when the heat dissipation mode is activated.

One of its main equipment is called the Ikarimaru, which is a large beam saber in a shape of an anchor. This equipment was meant to be used by larger mobile suits, like the Murasame.

The figure set is also completed with replacement parts for its face to produce its heat dissipation mode. It also comes with axe gun set with matching beam effect parts, along with effect parts for its Ikarimaru.

Equipped on its left arm is its rotating shield, which can also be used as an offensive equipment by activating its high-speed rotation.


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  1. This is unexpected and tempting. I wonder if we might see any of the upgraded versions in the future.

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