P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Gundam Epyon EW (Sturm und Drang) - Release Info

P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Gundam Epyon (Sturm und Drang equipment)
Release Date: December 2023 [3rd Batch Release: April 2024]
Price: 7,480 Yen

Premium Bandai announces the release of the Master Grade Gundam Epyon EW with its Sturm und Drang equipment that was featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: Glory of the Losers manga. 

The Sturm und Drang is an additional expansion equipment used by the Gundam Epyon after Zechs Merquise joins the White Fang. The smaller wing type devices equipped on its arms have similar technology to the Mercurius' Planet Defensors and can be used either on its forearms in defense mode, or attached to its beam sword in "Zweihandler Mode".

P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Gundam Epyon EW (Sturm und Drang) box art

This kit comes with the original EW version of the Master Graded Gundam Epyon added with newly molded parts for the Sturm und Drang equipment. It is also completed with large beam effect parts for the Zweihandler Mode.

Two more energy cables are provided in the kit to be equipped on its shield.

A sheet of Katoki Hajime designed decal is also included in the kit.

Treize Khushrenada built the Gundam Epyon while confined by the Romefeller Foundation, using data from the OZ-00MS Tallgeese and other Gundams. In accordance with Treize's beliefs, the Epyon foregoes cowardly long-range weapons in favor of noble close combat. However, when the suit is integrated into White Fang, a pair of Vulcan cannons are attached to the head. Its primary armaments include a segmented, whip-like heat rod mounted on a shield and a strong beam sword powered by a direct connection to the Epyon's engine. 

Treize also put a modified version of the Zero System, known as the Epyon System, in the cockpit, making this suit a formidable opponent. The Epyon can also morph into "mobile armor" mode, allowing for high-speed flight and space cruising. It resembles a fabled dragon in this shape, however its major weaponry are unavailable except for the Epyon Claws, which also serve as landing gear in this form.

Gundam Epyon EW, which is featured in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: Glory of the Losers and New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop, is Hajime Katoki's redesign of Epyon, modeled by previous EW versions of the first five Gundams. Later on, it receives additional "Sturm Und Drang" gear that can be employed for both offensive and defensive purposes.


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