BNFDX Mobile Suit Gundam Vol.2 RX-93 nu Gundam VS Sazabi - Release Info

BN FIGURE DX Mobile Suit Gundam Vol.2  RX-93 nu Gundam VS Sazabi
Release Date: Spring 2024
Price: 2,899 Yuan ($405 USD)

Bandai Namco China has added another limited figure statue to their BNFIGURE (Buildup and Newgeneration Deluxe statue series). It will be sold exclusively at the Bandai Namco China flagship store starting in the SPRING of 2024 for 2,899 Chinese Yuan, which is about $405 USD in today's conversion.

This product is the second entry in the BNFDX figure series. Inviting Mr. Junichi Akutsu, the designer of "Gundam Astray", who is loved by fans all over the world! Gundam Astray designer Junichi Akutsu was responsible for the original detailed design and layout of the diorama composition. As a result, it was possible to realize the clash between the nu Gundam and Sazabi. Exceptionally crafted from the weapon to every detail. 

This is the birth of "BNFIGURE DX Mobile Suit Gundam vol.2 v Gundam VS Sazabi".  Reproducing the exact prototype and down to the smallest detail, it has become a masterpiece that goes beyond ordinary craftsmanship.

The finished model consists of 480 parts. Even though there are no movable joints, it details the parts of each section section as much as possible. To better show the realism and mechanics of the body, the entire model presents a dynamic posture that is carefully laid out.

The first volume which was released in September 2022, features the RX-78-2 Gundam piercing Denim's Zaku II as seen in the 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam anime.


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