Barzam High Mobility Type "VERVAIN" / "VERVAIN Rah II"

The Barzam High Mobility Type "VERVAIN" is a mobile suit variant of Barzam appearing in the official Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam side story, which ties into the popular series manga A.O.Z Re-Boot: Gundam Inle - Dream of the Black Rabbit. It was designed by illustrator Kenki Fujioka.

VERVAIN is a combination of the main body of the RMS-154 Barzam and the legs of the Gundam TR-6 (Advanced Wondwart) Haze'n-Thley II.This variant enhances Barzam's close combat abilities in outer space. The head is equipped with a large sensor blade from the same series as the Marasai, its chest armor is equipped with a diffused beam, while the back is equipped with reinforced parts and a pair of booster tanks.

The last entry in Dengeki Hobby's AOZ file contains the latest graphic of the VERVAIN unit with Hambrabi II installed creating the VERVAIN Rah II.

The Vervain Rah II aims to further enhance the Barzam's combat capability with high mobility. A central Hrududu II block is connected to the drum frame, which forms the backbone of the barzam and extends to both shoulders.

Its main weapon is the "Sayad Rifle Firepower Enhanced Type" based on the RX-110 Gabthley equipped fedayeen rifle (beam saber) with optional beam weapon compatibility developed after testing for the Gundam TR-S and the Gundam TR -1. The word sayad was derived from the Arabic word hunter.

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