Bandai Hobby arrives in the UK, New Flagship store destination in London!

It is a wonderful news to all UK Gundam fans as Bandai Hobby just recently announced its new location that is located at the Hamleys in Regent Street, London, UK. Bandai Hobby is excited to offer great experience to all of its visitors starting July 19th, 2023.


Bandai UK is excited to announce that the much beloved Bandai Hobby range of model kits has officially arrived in the UK with a new London destination. We’ve teamed with Hamleys of London, an iconic destination in the capital, to offer a wide range of GUNPLA kits from Entry Grade through to Perfect Grade. To celebrate this launch, we have a special window installation launching from July 19th which will feature a near-2-metre tall statue of the RX-78-2 Mobile Suit surrounded by a variety of kits.

  • GUNPLA is the flagship Bandai Hobby brand and the name is a derivation of two words – GUNDAM & PLASTIC – simply put, Gundam Plastic Models became GUNPLA. Gundam is a long standing iconic Anime franchise which first aired in Japan on April 7 1979 and has been adapted into numerous series & movies throughout the last 4 decades. This includes titles which are available on platforms like Netflix which continues to introduce new fans. The license is a sci-fi epic set in a future not too unrecognisable from our own with militarised space-warring factions using ‘Mobile Suits’ – giant robotic weapons which require a human ‘pilot’ to operate. Gundam as an IP charts its journey alongside the advancements of animation from its earnest roots in ’79 through to the latest cutting-edge technology employed in the upcoming ‘GUNDAM : REQUIEM FOR VENGEANCE’ series which is a collaboration between Bandai Namco Filmworks Inc. and SAFEHOUSE Inc. using the Unreal Engine 5 3D production tool. Over its long history, the license has cemented itself as a globally recognised brand and an iconic staple of pop culture appearing in numbers media including a big-screen cameo in Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg.
  • GUNPLA as a Model Kit brand focuses on the Mobile Suits as presents consumers with a vast range of kits to assemble. The brand debuted shortly after the Gundam series in 1980 and has continued to thrive ever since. Over time, more ‘grades’ have been added to the line-up which provides consumers varying scales of model complexity from the straight-forward ‘Entry Grade’ to the grandiose and highly intricate ‘Perfect Grades’ – the brand truly has a option for every skill level. At its heart, GUNPLA is based around the central idea of ‘Fun to Build’ and it takes this forward in every kit offered with the building experience at the forefront of product development. Bandai UK are excited to establish a highly-visible presence for the brand in the UK market with the Hamleys launch forming the first step of many to come.
GUNPLA offers a new dimension to the market of UK model kits and hobbyists, bringing an iconic Japanese franchise officially into the UK to a dedicated community. Bandai Hobby offers a range of graded kits to inspire beginners, and premium products to experienced hobbyists. GUNPLA has become a cultural phenomenon worldwide, with TV shows, movies, and being inspiration for many modern media.


"Our vision at is to be the premier online destination for Gundam and GunPla enthusiasts worldwide. We aim to foster a vibrant, inclusive community where hobbyists of all skill levels can connect, share, and grow. By offering a platform for sharing tips, techniques, and creative builds, we strive to celebrate the artistry and innovation inherent in GunPla building. Our commitment is to provide a space that not only showcases the world’s greatest hobby but also inspires and supports the next generation of modelers in their GunPla journey."

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