"Welcome to Char's Exclusive McDonald's" won the Promotion Licensee Award

The Japan Character Award was established back in 2009 to fully convey the value of the licensing industry to society and contribute to the solid development of the industry. Each year, the best licensed brands and characters in Japan are determined, and the value of the licensing industry is widely publicized in society through awards and exhibitions.

The "Promotion Licensee Award" is presented to the licensee (manufacturer or product) who has achieved the greatest advertising and promotional effect using a character.

The special theme "Welcome to Char's Exclusive McDonald's" became available for a limited time from June 22, 2022  in collaboration with McDonald's Japan and Mobile Suit Gundam's Char Aznable. during the special partnership, they sold a total of 6 types of collaboration menus, activities such as providing goods in packages and mugs designed with Char's mobile suit, TV commercials featuring Char, and smartphone AR content include "Gundam 100 Character Diagnosis" were implemented.

Extra care was taken to ensure that elements that fans might like were tightly integrated into the development, leading to the award.

The main reason for winning was that elements that fans of the characters might enjoy were tightly integrated into the development. Despite the highly unexpected collaboration, the strong match on the "color" part is unmistakable. It's a project that the fans want to submit themselves and it's a stellar promotion, including through the use of words.

From June 28th to 30th, the participants and winners will be exhibited at the 13th Japan Licensing (Character) and Brand Utilization Exhibition at the Tokyo Big Sight. Admission fee is 5,000 Yen (Free with pre-registration from the event official site).


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