GunPla Blog 12: Let's Analyze that Gundam Build Metaverse Large Mobile Suit

Bandai Hobby recently revealed, well, teased... a secret "large mobile suit" coming in December 2023 to celebrate the upcoming release of the Gundam Build Metaverse miniseries celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Gundam Build Fighters franchise.

Ever since the first Gundam Build Metaverse key visual was revealed and Bandai Hobby's official GunPla teaser image now showed more form, I've been more excited as I can clearly see Psycho Gundam Mk-II's shoulders.

I've played with the image in photoshop and got some clearer images of each parts. Looks like we're getting a combination of the Kutan Type III from HG 1/144 Gundam Barbatos + Kutan Type III for its shoulder, the exclusive HGBF 1/144 A-Z Gundam for its smaller mobile suit's front skirt armor part, and looks like the chest armor part was from the Gundam Deathscythe Hell - what do you think?

Well, let's wait for more images when Bandai Spirits reveals more about the kit. So far all we know is that it's a large GunPla that will cost 8,800 yen including taxes, will be released in December 2023, and will appear in the Gundam Build Metaverse miniseries. Let's Go!

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  1. I'm definitely getting vibes of something like the TR-6 Woundwort Gigantic Mode or the Neo Zeong with this design. I'm interested to see if it's actually 2 units or just one single thing

  2. I love how almost accurate this analysis was.
    Only the main Gundam in the middle is Raphael with custom chest parts.

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