MGSD Gundam Barbatos - Release Info, Box art and Official Images

Master Grade SD Gundam Barbatos
Release Date: October 2023
Price: 4,290 Yen

The rumored MGSD Gundam Barbatos was finally confirmed at the 61st Shizuoka Hobby Show.

The Master Grade SD GunPla series is one of the biggest announcements of the Hobby Next Phase in Fall 2022, where Freedom Gundam became the first entry in the newly born GunPla series.

  • Total height approx. 115 mm. The "Gundam Frame", a feature of Gundam Barbatos, is realized in SD scale.
  • Its head and neck can be moved in 4 axis, providing wide range of head movement
  • By providing a movable axis inside the fuselage, it is possible to rotate left and right and tilt forward and backward over a wide range of motion. Along with the movement of the chest, the left and right cylinders on the flanks can be expanded and contracted.
  • A swinging mechanism is introduced for the shoulder joint to improve the freedom of movement of the arm. The elbow cylinder follows the movement of the arm and moves in a form-fitting manner.
  • Equipped with an original MGSD gimmick that deploys the center armor when the underside of the shoulder armor is removed.
  • The knee armor can be moved along with the leg curl movement. The protectors in the back of the knees can be moved individually and do not impede the movement of the legs.
  • As part of the MGSD style, the twin eyes feature a double structure that overlaps detailed interior parts and clear parts.
  • For the chest, knees and shoulders, MGSD's original layout uses transparent parts that have been precisely crafted to efficiently reflect light.
  • Gloss Injection uses Real Metallic Gloss Injection, a material that enhances the metallic shine and impression of details.
  • The included long sword, 300mm smoothbore cannon and mace can be mounted on the backpack. The 300mm smoothbore cannon can be set in the stowed state by extracting the barrel and rotating it 180 degrees.
  • The mace features the original MGSD gimmick where the tip expands when the handle is squeezed and the four blades interlock to expand.

This brand new high-end SD integrates the Master Grade technology into SD Gundams, which implements the widest range of articulations and most gimmicks in the history of the SD series, combined with stunning details.

First exhibit images via Bandai Hobby Site


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  1. I hope they continue this line and not "almost" abandon like the SDCS series. I don't mind this getting released like RG (1-2 kits per year).
    You might say that they didn't abandon the SDCS because of the Tornado Gundam but they slowed down for real! I barely see them in stores now.

    1. I agree, i think they should released both SDCS and MGSD.

  2. I'm not a fan of the Barbatos series and I'm not a fan of the SD series but this MGSD Barbatos looks amazing.

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