HG 1/144 GM (Shoulder Cannon/ Missile Pod Equipment) MSD - Release Info, Box art and Official Images

HG 1/144 GM (Shoulder Cannon/ Missile Pod Equipment) 
Release Date: November 2023
Price: 2,530 Yen

The most anticipated version of the "regular" GM has finally been announced and revealed for the first time by Bandai Spirits in its official booth at the 61st Shizuoka Hobby Show. The kit is featured with the Gundam The Origin / MSD lineup engineering and detailing.

As the kit name suggests, the kit comes with both shoulder cannon, and missile pod equipment seen in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island film.

The kit utilizes the High Grade "Gundam The Origin" molds for GM series with slight changes for its head molds. More details about the GunPla and official images will be revealed as soon as Bandai Hobby Site releases the kit information.

The GM's head shape and design is slightly different from the previously released HGGTO 1/144 GM model kits.

A Jaburo-made mass-produced MS of the Earth Federation Forces. Unlike the Guncannon, which specialized in medium-range firepower support while ignoring MS battles, this machine is based on the RX-78-02 Gundam, which was designed as a multirole machine capable of changing equipment depending on the battle situation, such as anti-ship and anti-fighter battles, while assuming MS battles as its "main weapon." In order to quickly rebuild the Federation Forces' power, its structure was simplified and costs were minimized with an eye on efficiency, therefore it lags behind the Gundam, particularly in armor strength and reaction speed. 

Nonetheless, it has become an MS with adequate performance to serve as a mainstay weapon, and with data inherited from actual engagements with the Gundam, it has been finalized as a machine with specs that, albeit slightly, exceed those of the Zaku II. It also comes complete with a beam spray gun and a core pod, making it acceptable for pilots with limited experience.

First exhibit image from Bandai Hobby Site Japan.


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  1. Please be regular release... Please be regular release... Please be regular release... 🙏

    1. Do you see a P-Bandai logo on the name tag?
      Then there's your answer.

    2. @Maxout unnecessary aggression is bad for everyone including lurkers, commenters, and even you! Check yourself before you Shrek yourself.

  2. There is still hope for more regular releases! Come on Bandai! We need more like these.

  3. Oh hohoho, judging by that photo, it comes with a lot more then just the cannon and missiles.

  4. I swear the Gundam franchise hates the GM series. Still no aqua GM, still no MG GMII. This is as close that we'll come to a revive GM. Zaku though? Every one of those has a model kit plus a revive and an origin. Like how do you make the grunt suit from your second series a pbandai?

  5. fear not, this is RETAIL! comes with all the previous kits had, and MORE, all in retail pricing!

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