Gundam Evolution's Season 4 BALLISTA adds Gundam Dynames

The Gundam EVOLUTION's "Hyper Update" continues with more upgrade to the game. To celebrate the expansion of the 6 VS 6 Gundam FPS game, the Season 4 Ballista update on April 13 has added the Gundam Dynames from the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 series to the game's roster.

The Gundam Dynames unit uses its main weapon "GN Sniper Rifle" that features a strong long range firing, just like the GM Sniper. Also, by changing its main weapon, this unit can fight at different distances depending on the combat situation. Its G-maneuver "Trans-Am" can boost Dynames' attack power! It also almost feels like that you're playing as its main pilot, Lockon Stratos when shooting down multiple enemies at once.

The game is also celebrating its half year since its official launch for the PC in September 2022. During the half anniversary, a New Player Support Campaign period was announced to start on May 25th maintenance, and Welcome Back Campaign for Returning Players to start on June 28th maintenance.

Player Welcome Back Campaign
During the campaign period, players who meet the conditions for the campaign can unlock one unit for FREE.

Campaign eligibility
Players who meet both of the following conditions
  • Players who have played the game at least once in the Period of "Season 1" or "Season 2"
  • Players who have not logged into the game even once during the "Season 3" period.
Read more about the patch note for a more expanded information about the latest update via the official Gundam Evolution website.

In addition, the latest update have also announced the new Headquarters ruleset, that will be available at the map "Buried City".

To know more about the new ruleset, visit the official play guide here:


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