Gundam Blog 07: The Series that Started it All

Happy 28th Anniversary to Gundam Wing - Feeling Old Yet?

Being a Gundam fan comes from many reasons, but it can never be denied that at least almost 90% of Gundam fans have become one because of the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing anime series. So including myself! I was born in 1989 and watched daily anime shows on a few popular channels as a kid in the Philippines in the 90's. I even remember dressing up as Heero Yuy while watching it.

The anime series Mobile Suit Gundam Wing first aired in Japan in April 7, 1995, but arrived outside of Japan 3 years after the end of the series. As far as I remember, and through searching, Gundam Wing first came on the GMA7 channel in the Philippines in 1999 and on Cartoon Network's Toonami block on American TV in 2000.

Due to the very positive audience response, GunPla merchandise and other related merchandise started hitting shelves outside Japan slowly back then, and Gundam became even more popular with all the new titles coming in almost every series ends.

The Gundam Wing series of titles is still considered the most favorite and iconic series for all Gundam fans, and the story has been expanded to include Endless Waltz Frozen Teardrop, Glory of the Losers, and G-Unit Side Stories!

Even to this day, Bandai Spirits still continues to celebrate the anime's success with the release of popular mobile suits from the series, including the newly announced Gundam Epyon that will be joining the Real Grade, one of the popular GunPla grades in September 2023. Not to mention the Premium Bandai lineup that announces more and more GunPla from this popular series.

Speaking of GunPla, I'm still trying to complete their Master Grade line, as the Endless Waltz series is now rare and super expensive due to scalpers, it's going to be very difficult to keep up with the collection. Also not to mention the HGAC G-Unit lineup that're waiting for the Hydra and Griepe gets me more hyped!

Who knows what's going to happen on its 30th anniversary? Let's all find out!

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