Hobby Next Phase Spring 2023 to Reveal New Bandai Hobby Products!

The official Bandai Hobby site and Twitter account announced on Friday, March 17th, 2023 that it will have an online exhibit to reveal its latest lineup of products for the coming Spring 2023.

The announcement list will be added to the Bandai Hobby site starting March 22nd! There will be more than 30 upcoming items to be announced from different Bandai Spirits series of model kits which will be released from July to September 2023.

Here are the main GunPla announcements covered by the online event.
You can check out other Bandai Spirits product announcement via Bandai Hobby official site.

Release Date: September 2023
Price: 4,620 Yen

Release Date: August 2023
Price: 6,380 Yen

Release Date: July 2023
Price: 2,200 Yen

Release Date: TBA
Price: TBA

For Premium Bandai

Release Date: TBA
Price: TBA
Pre-order will open via Premium Bandai in April 2023

Gundam SIDE-F First Anniversary Announcement
Gundam Side-F will be celebrating its 1st anniversary on April 22nd this year. To commemorate the event, they'll be releasing a Real Grade and SD BB Senshii version of the MSN-04FF Sazabi, which is equipped with a double horn funnel.


"Our vision at GundamKitsCollection.com is to be the premier online destination for Gundam and GunPla enthusiasts worldwide. We aim to foster a vibrant, inclusive community where hobbyists of all skill levels can connect, share, and grow. By offering a platform for sharing tips, techniques, and creative builds, we strive to celebrate the artistry and innovation inherent in GunPla building. Our commitment is to provide a space that not only showcases the world’s greatest hobby but also inspires and supports the next generation of modelers in their GunPla journey."



  1. Calling the regular colored GM to match the regular release Guncannon :)

  2. Over/Under on how many of those will be Gunpla... and how many of THOSE will be P-Bandai?

    My guess is... under 10 for Gunpla, over 5 for P-Bandai.

  3. PLEASE can we get a retail HGUC announcement.
    We can't go a single year without any releases, it was bad enough with last year only releasing the Shenlong.

    1. I mean they were focusing on Witch from Mercury last year, given there's an actual tv show to advertise that merch. Sure they'll redo some more UC kits later this year once the show's done.

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