GunPla Blog 09: Getting Ready for That Real Grade Epyon

The Hobby Next Phase 2023 Spring surely surprised Wing fans with a treat! Yes, the Gundam Epyon is finally joining the Real Grade GunPla lineup in September 2023 with lots of amazing details and gimmicks to offer.

After the announcement I looked back at some pictures that I was using when I was planning to build the MG version. But since the RG version is going to be here, I guess I am going to focus on other builds and wait a little longer.

Once the RG Epyon arrives I will be converting it into its "Bai" version which is a white version of the Epyon with Gundam Nataku's beam trident as its main weapon. Epyon Bai made its first appearance in the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop Picture Drama - A New Battle.

Not sure if there are more significant differences between the regular Epyon and Epyon Bai besides its color and weapon, but I am hoping that they reveal more about it.

The search continues, I was also reminded that the Glory of Losers version of the Epyon has an interesting looking weapon called "Sturm Und Drang", which is an addition equipment for Epyon that features a pair of small wing-like (similar to Epyon wings design) blades that uses similar technology that Mercurius' planet defensor has. These new equipment can be attached to Epyon's forearms when in "defense mode" attached to Epyon's beam sword when in "Zweihander Mode" to produce a massive beam blade to wipe its enemies in a whoosh.

Creating this with 1/144 scale model could be tricky with those segments, I am hoping to find a kit or even an Epyon figure small enough to get those done. Also, first time seeing this equipment it reminded me of the SD EX kits with its HG counterpart gimmick.

Epyon Zwei (Glory of Losers Manga)

Release Date: September 2023
Price: 4,620 Yen


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  1. pretty sure one of the 3rd party companies that keep making rg accessories will have it so don't worry about scratching it. just sayin. I am looking forward to the White Epyon though. :)

  2. Official images of the Epyon White has it with a third leg/dragon head that can be attached on the arm as a dragon fang. Of course that makes it's Mobile Armor mode look like the Blue Eyes Ultimate with 3 dragon heads instead of the regular 2

    1. Thank you for this! I didn't even see that from that image. A very good reference indeed.

  3. (Can't reply on your comment so just gonna leave it here)
    Better shot of the MA mode for reference, good luck and looking forward to the conversion!

  4. What I hope, pray, and want bandai to do: release a 3-in-1 upgrade kit that has parts for the Sturm Und Drang (extra wires, the sturm und drang units, and alternate rear skirt armor), parts to convert into the Epyon Ares (I think alternate feet parts, at most, to give it the two beam cannons), and parts to convert into the Epyon Bai (third leg/head unit and the beam trident). I wouldn't even mind if it was made p-bandai this way, I would buy 3/4 copies cause I have a good chunk of painted build ideas for if they do!

    What bandai will probably do: give us 3 separate p-bandai kits of the Ares, Bai, and Sturm Und Drang.

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