GunPla Blog 06: The Never Ending Gundam Backlog Collection

Do you often buy your kits online and find it difficult to choose another kit just to get free shipping or whatever the online store offers? Well, that's why the ever-convenient private warehouse was introduced then, to help us to "add more later" and save more for shipping costs when the order is finally combined!

Anyway, ever since it was introduced, it became so useful to many of us, including me of course, that I often even forget that I had few more orders waiting to be shipped from other stores, until I get email notifications from them to remind me what I have in their private warehouse... 

With that said, from the past 3 months, I have managed to collect 20+ more in my backlog collectively from different private warehouses, and don't get me wrong though, I build the kits as I receive them and slowly reducing my backlog as we speak - knowing that are a few more on the way... 

The Backlog...

(97 kits)

Phew! ONLY 97 kits left to build! I should invite a few friends to get a mass build marathon one day, but then again, I enjoy building them...a few of them when I receive them...also, new shelves. I need.

My goal for this year is to reduce my backlog to zero, and I am committed to doing it - I shall update you guys about this quest.

Let's have fun, let us know how many kits you have in your backlog by leaving us a comment below.

Enjoy building, guys!

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  1. As much as I hate my 15 kit backlog I am one of the guilty ones who kept hoarding them, and no plans on building them anytime soon. so, good luck on finishing all 90+! It might actually inspire me to start somewhere when you get to 50 kits.

  2. Yeah, the covid/shipping bottleneck that messed with Bandai's manufacturing bandwidth turned me into something of a kit hoarder, too. It doesn't help that they've had weird gaps in restocks (RE100, G-Reco are good examples) that encourage the hoarding, too. Then in 2021 I got big into 30MM which slowed the backlog clear rate down at the same time the backlog itself had climbed.

    I haven't counted exactly but I have 30+ kits easy, and I go hard on each build, so I could be building what I already have for a decade without ever buying another kit.

  3. I was at 125 kits in backlog by end of 2022, build 18 so far but bought more and now backlog sits at 127. Some of these kits are almost 5 years old by now, feels like I will never clear them.

  4. 37 kits scream from the boxes tio build them)

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