Higround Reveals Gundam Wing Themed Keyboards

A Keyboard for Builders and Gundam Collectors

Higround, a lifestyle and gaming peripherals brand, and leading video game publisher and developer, Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc., today announced their collaboration to unveil the Higround x Gundam Wing series of keyboards.

The collection features the return of Higround's flagship keyboard, the Summit 65, with new  theme based on the popular Mobile Suit Gundam Wing anime franchise. The collection will be available for purchase and pre-order on the Higround website beginning December 9th, 2022.

Available in three different designs featuring the Wing Gundam for the Gundam Wing x Higround Summit 65 keyboard ($300 USD), and Wing Gundam Zero for the Gundam Base 65 Keyboard - Admiral keyboards ($145 USD) - available in white and blue colors.

The art of building a Gunpla has always struck us as similar to that of building a keyboard. Precision, detail, and design come together to become a display-worthy piece of art.

Gundam Wing x Higround includes one Summit Keyboard and two versions of our popular Basecamp Series.
The Gundam Wing x Higround Summit 65, which features an exclusive keycap set, boasts a vast array of attributes that set it apart as Higround’s flagship product. The keyboard features a full CNC aluminum frame, gasket-mounted design, and a second iteration of the world’s first graphic switch. Expanding the Geo Switch series, the new "Thin Ice" variation will feature an ultra-light linear typing experience that is less fatiguing for marathon gamers. Like its predecessor, the Summit 65 Founder’s Edition, the Gundam Wing Summit 65 will feature an exclusive weighted brass medallion on the back of the keyboard.The Basecamp 65 keyboards and all other products in the collection will be available for purchase, while the Summit 65 keyboards will be available for pre-order on December 9th at 12 PM PT on Higround’s website.


In addition, the collaboration also announced two unique mousepads, two pieces of apparels, and Higround's classic jellybag printed with Wing Gundam Zero's head.

Summit 65 Gundam Wing Edition Specs
65% Compact Form Factor
Full CNC Aluminum Case
Gasket-Mounted Design
Custom Higround Geo Switches "Thin Ice" (Pre-lubed) - World's 1st Topographic Mechanical Switches
Custom PCB with Universal 5-Pin Hotswap Sockets
Pre-lubed Durock V2 Screw-in Stablizers
1.5mm Thick 5 Sided Dye-sub PBT Keycaps with "Ninja" print
Anodized Aluminum Plate
RGB Lighting with South-facing LED
RGB Side Panel Lighting
PCBA Silicone Dampener
Bottom Case Dampener
Weighted Bottom Brass Medallion
Detachable USB-C Braided Cable
Hex Screw Design made for Easy DIY Customizations and Hardcore Keyboard Mod Ethusiasts
Customizable On-board Lighting Effects

Basecamp Gundam Wing Blue & Gundam Wing White Specs
65% Compact Form Factor
5-pin hotswappable PCB
1.5mm Thick 5 Sided Dye-sub PBT Keycaps with "Ninja" print
Anodized Aluminum Plate
Dual Silicone Dampening Foam
White Flame Switches (Higround and TTC Co-designed)
Fully Customizeable RGB Lighting
Macro Programming
USB-C Detachable Connection


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  1. I use a full keyboard with media keys so custom key caps aren't for me however I love Wing Zero TV so if that's a mouse pad I see with W0 on it then...maybe.

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