P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Stark Jegan - Release Info

P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Stark Jegan
Release Date: February 2023 [4TH BATCH RELEASE: December 2023]
Price: 7,480 Yen

Premium Bandai has finally announced the release of the Master Grade Stark Jegan from the Mobile Suit Gundam UC OVA series. The kit of course, shares the same some of its molds from the MG 1/100 Jegan Type D provided with the "Stark Jegan" weapons and equipment.

The kit is also compatible with the sold separately RE/100 Type 89 Base Jabber ver. UC.

What's new?

  • Its head is provided with newly molded armor to match the Stark Jegan specification.
  • Additional armor represented on its chest, arms, waist, and legs are completely newly molded for this variation.
Triple Missile Pod
  • The Stark Jegan specification is equipped with triple missile pods on its shoulders similar to the GM III concept but is provided with new molds.
Back Thruster
  • Its backpack is equipped with high-boost thrusters for space use, and each of the three stabilizers on its back are equipped with movable gimmick.
Arm Weapon Rack
  • Both of its arms are featured with weapon racks with opening and closing hatch gimmick.
  • Both of its arm armor packs holds specific weapons for the Stark Jegan; a pair of beam sabers, and grenade launcher.


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  1. Kinda weird it comes with a GM II beam rifle, but otherwise this thing looks amazing and I am definitely getting one.

    1. The GM II beam rifle was standard issue for the Jegan when the suit first came about, it was actually a wide criticism that such advanced suits for their time were issued with old weaponry but hey the feds were trying to standardise and minimise costs at that times as well

    2. Ah. Makes sense. I couldn't find any info on the Wiki or MAHQ on it. Thanks!

    3. There is a pic under references in the wiki that shows all the weapons it's bin equipped with.

  2. Not even 30 minutes passed before it sold out. I'm sure there will be a reissue at some point

    1. You're lucky apparently Bandai extended the number, with kits delivered on april 2023


  3. Can they JUST release an MG GMIII already? I don't even understand why the GMII is Pbandai while the Hizak isnt. I'm gonna guess the only reason why the GM got a 2.0 release was to update it and make a Pbandai GMII based on it because of UC.
    I'm all for any RGM series getting an MG so this is a good, but damned why can't I get any type of Aqua GM or a GMIII?
    Bright side, Jesta Intercept incoming, since this backpack is literally all they needed for it.

    1. I really want the GMIII Unicorn Ver. With the Beam Javelin. The GMII should have received a regular release, but it is what it is. I didn't even think of the Shezhar Jesta A-type. That will be cool AF.

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