METAL BUILD Gundam Astraea II - Release Info

METAL BUILD Gundam Astraea II
Release Date: October 2023
Price: 24,200 Yen

Celebrating Mobile Suit Gundam 00's 15th anniversary and their collaboration with METAL BUILD reveals more possibilities in the line up. With the announcement of the GN Arms Type E for June 2023 release, the METAL BUILD's collaboration with the Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Revealed Chronicle CG anime set, lined up more units that are being planned to be released in the high quality figure series.

A new Gundam called Gundam Astraea II debuts during Gundam Figures Live presentation at the Tamashii Nations 2022. The Gundam Astraea II features asymmetrical design with gray color scheme. The new Gundam unit was also revealed to be compatible with the GN Arms Type E.

In addition, the Gundam Astraea II also shows compatibility with Metal Build Gundam Exia and Dynames equipment. A sold separately Proto XN Unit is also available as an expansion accessory for the Gundam Astraea II via Tamashii Japan for limited time.

The high quality figure includes the following accessories.
  • 4 replacement wrists (left and right)
  • GND shield x 2
  • GND beam rifle
  • Backpack unit
  • Double Drive System backpack set
  • Arm parts
  • Leg hard point parts set
  • GND beam sabers
  • display base


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  1. I love the colors, but hate the asymmetry. The Astraea is the pinnacle of 00 designs, and this just doesn't live up to that. Interesting that it appears to have a cone thruster though.

    1. I mean, to be fair, the ultimate pinnacle of 00 designs (00Quan [T]) is RIDICULOUSLY asymmetrical. Different shoulders, the GN shield, etc.

    2. They made astrea's face look generic.
      Its like how season 1 main gundams head looks much better than seson 2 mains.

  2. A new, upgraded version of the Gundam Astraea? I'll take it. Astraea doesn't get much love nowadays.

    1. seems more like it's actually a downgraded 00 gundam despite the name. they seem to have just changed the head, backpack and chest.
      the backpack has a classic s1 style drive slot, while keeping 00's left shoulder slot, and gave them condensers. the torso frame has s1 style giant condenser lense, but still seems to be same structure as 00. all the limbs are indentical to 00
      other than vfin and ear antenna, it really bears no resemblance to astraea at all

    2. what did you say, doesn't get much love you say? Just look on metal build astraea line, there is black variant, there is variant with exclusive designed just for it weapons

  3. How can you buy this if you are living in EU?

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