GunPla Blog 04: My Collection - Updated. Join me for a Quick Tour!

It's been so long since I cleaned my mancave, and man, it only gets so tedious! But don't get me wrong, I freaking love this hobby. Ever since I started collecting when I first came to Canada, it just continued on and on, and on, and on...kits after kits, I just didn't realize that it grew so big that I ran out of room for some of it already - so I had to keep my favorite ones out and will get some more proper shelving units for all of them in the future.

Anyway, here it is, finally! I finally managed to buy a basic camera to continue my YouTube channel and will be starting fresh with a quick tour of my hobby room!

First of all, all these won't be possible without all your support, my readers. You guys are one of the many reasons that made me so determined to wake up in the morning to post news about GunPla, and Gundam, also to continue with this wonderful hobby of ours!

As you may have already noticed, majority of my collection is 1/144 scale, this is due to of course, they are cheaper and have the most selections. I also focus on UC timeline, and Real Grade line up, as you notice that I have a set of Ikea Detolf shelves dedicated for these.

I also intend to but duplicate models, well, due to variation purposes. I love it when I find great looking variants and are 100% possible to recreate by using little GunPla building skills (AKA. repaint, kit bash, and very slight modifications.) I have done most of these to my RG kits! I've built variants for Zaku, Strike Gundam, Unicorn Gundam , Astray Gundam, and more - just because!



Many of you guys have been asking me how I dust my kits. My answer is, I dust them once a year, and at the same time, I rearrange the hobby room. I use my air compressor to blow the thicker dusts from the kits that are on top of the open shelving units and then I wipe the rest with very thin cloth, slightly wet (NOT SOAKING!) to get rid of the smaller particles that are trapped in the smaller corners of the kit.


As years go by, white and any other plastic will get old along with its colors. Two solutions I have is to keep them out of sunlight. I naturally do not have this problem as my kits are displayed in the basement of my house.

Since Gundam the Origin 1/144 kits were made, I have been top coating my kits with Tamiya clear coat, also to prevent the kits from loosing its original colors and such. I also sometimes even paint the kits with their original colors to improve its quality.


From many stores, I can start with my sponsors and partners Hobby Link Japan, Omocha Japan, and Premium Bandai USA. I also have my local stores in Canada that I can mention; Gundam Hangar, Panda Hobby, and AnimeXtreme. For rare kits, I usually go to Mandarake (long time before pandemic shipping) and Ebay for any random Gundam memorabilia. I also used to get some from Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us back when I was in the Philippines, and I also had friends back home who would usually get me deals around my area.


Since I came to Canada, so, 15 years now. My friends and family used to buy me GunPla when I was like, maybe 7 years old, but I lost them all.


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  1. Going to AnimeXtreme when Meeplemart is 3 minutes south on Spadina is no bueno. AX overcharges across the board, and MM has some of the lowest prices in the country (along with Niigs up in Alberta). Unless you're friends with the owner and getting hella deals, you should really switch.

    1. I totally agree :) I used to go to AX back when I was in college, then my friend at work just recently introduced me to MM, but I haven't really gone and bought something from them yet, but I will surely try knowing my last visit to their website they had great selections I couldn't find from anywhere else, too.

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