Gundam Evolution Announces RX-93 nu Gundam for Season 2

A brand new Gundam Evolution mission briefing was launched by Bandai Namco Entertainment America's Official YouTube channel on November 18th to announce what's coming for the free-to-play 6 vs 6 Gundam 1st person shooter's second season.

The mission briefing started off with the reveal of the RX-93 nu Gundam that will be added on the game's roster on second season's launch on November 29th.

Tons of new items and season pass rewards are also going to be available, starting off with the season 2's Unit Pack Mobius which will unlock the nu Gundam, a rare skin set, and Amuro Ray portrait for 1,980 EVO Coins.

Gundam Barbatos 2nd form was also announced to be added as Gundam Barbatos' skin as an MP purchase item. The developers have also announced a new map "Colony Trading Post" which will be configured to be a "Destruction Mission" map.

Gundam Evolution's developers and creators would like to thank all of the players in the world who have been really supportive with giving feedback to improve the game's experience. 

In addition, game producer Kazuya Maruyama was very happy with all the positive messages the game has received, which have motivated the development team to do more! He also added that he is quite happy that the game helped promote the Gundam anime franchise even more, and GunPla to the people who have just recently discovered the game.


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