Mobile Suit Gundam F Frame FA Vol. 04 Announced for January 2023 Release

The 4th installment of the Gundam G Frame FA mini figure series has been announced to get a release date of January 2023 for the price of 748 Yen each box. 

This volume include the God Gundam from Mobile Fighter G Gundam, GM Quel from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory and AOZ, the Hyaku Shiki from Mobile Suit Z Gundam, and Aerial Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury.

Since this is an FA "Full Action" the set also include separate boxes that contains accessories for each of the mobile suits from this specific volume.

[Set contents]
Colored models (8 types in total)
  • God Gundam Armor Set + static frame unit and pedestal
  • God Gundam Frame Set + movable frame unit + weapons and backpack
  • Aerial Gundam Armor Set + static frame unit and pedestal
  • Aerial Gundam Frame Set + movable frame unit + beam rifle and shield
  • GM Quel Armor Set + static frame unit and pedestal
  • GM Quel Frame Set + movable frame unit + weapons and shield + head replacement (HAZEL HEAD)
  • Hyaku Shiki Armor Set + static frame unit and pedestal
  • Hyaku Shiki Frame Set + movable frame unit + weapons and shield unit
  • 1 Gundam (soda flavor) - comes in each box


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  1. I really enjoy these, just wish they were more available in the US

    1. These are, you can find them at Barnes and Nobles, GameStop, anywhere that bluefin/bandai distributes to. Albeit a couple months slower than Japan. I was initially going to pre-order on HLJ but it would be cheaper to just wait for the domestic release

    2. Target was carrying them for a short time, it's where I found the ones I currently have. Some of the waves are on eBay, but it requires buying the whole set or over priced singles. I'll have to check out B&N and Gamestop.

  2. Interesting, it seems the God Gundam and Gundam Aerial each have unique inner frames that have extra details and embellishments compared to the standard "Federation"-type frame that can be seen in the Hyaku Shiki and GM Quel in the same wave. As far as I'm aware, every "Gundam/Federation"-type MS released so far in G Frame has had the exact same frame since the beginning

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