MG 1/100 MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Ver. Ka - Release Info, Box Art and Official Images

MG 1/100 MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Ver. Ka
Release Date: April 2023
Price: 7,150 Yen

[Update: December 26, 2022]

Bandai Hobby Division has released a notice that the kit's release month was moved from February 2023 to April 2023 due to various reasons.

Celebrating the Master Grade Ver. Ka’s 20th anniversary is the reveal of the most anticipated and latest Katoki Hajime’s entry to the lineup! The MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam joins the line with new designs and proportions accurate to Katoki’s blueprints by also being faithful to the anime's design. The kit, of course, won’t be completed without the Katoki signature decals!

Zeta Gundam first appeared in the 1985 television series, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and was also later featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ television series in 1986. It was piloted by Kamille Bidan during the Gryps Conflict and later by Judau Ashta in the First Neo-Zeon War.

Bandai Hobby also elaborated the 3 points that this Zeta Ver. Ka has to offer.
  • ANIME ACCURACY - The proportions and image of the overall build of the kit reflects with the anime version of the Zeta Gundam.
  • NEW TRANSFORMATION PEAK IN GUNPLA HISTORY - The Zeta Gundam ver. ka has been provided with new ways to transform and improved from its previous MG model kits, in which it is more faithful to how it transforms in the anime.
  • VER.KA 20TH ANNIVERSARY GIMMICK AND EVOLUTION OF MECHINICAL EXPRESSION - Mr. Katoki Hajime has studied how the Zeta Gundam would move in real life by providing it with carefully planned gimmicks. Its engineering was also revised and upgraded from its previous versions to make it more realistic and stable even during its transformation phase.

The official prototype kit of the Zeta Gundam will be on display at the All-Japan Model and Hobby Show’s 60th anniversary that will take place at the Tokyo Big Sight Halls 1 and 2 on October 1st and 2nd, 2022.

Zeta Gundam illustration via Gundam Base membership point page


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  1. Replies
    1. You're blind, I can't see a single part that looks the same. It may not have added a million panel lines like the RG, but literally every mechanical aspect is totally changed.

    2. People that say can't see a single part that looks the same are basically fooling themselves. Aside from the chest fins, there is no big difference between this Version Ka and the 2005 Version 2.0. Version 2.0 already did a great job to capture the modern look of the Zeta Gundam, and its internal mechanism was not bad either.

    3. Both the 2.0 and this are going for similar proportions and general "anime accurate" aesthetic, but the mechanical aspects have all been redesigned, the way the transformation works, and there are a lot of small details, added and improved color accuracy (the original still has a good amount of sticker seals and inaccurate parts). It needed a major refresh and this delivers on everything.

    4. The leap of this Ver Ka Zeta from Ver 2.0 does not come close to the update of the Ka ZZ from its 1999 release. Ver 2.0 Zeta was great, its internal and transformation has minium room to improve leaving this Ka Zeta a moot excercise. Why not update the Zeta A1 or C1 to Version Ka to go with the ZZ. Better yet, update the Guncannon from its 2001 release to go with the Gundam Origin Rx-78-2.

    5. Head is better proportioned, backpack is more compact and aesthetic, hideous joint in the chest is hidden now, joints are more aesthetic as well. Hand options are way better, the weapons are better designed, the extra katoki detailing all over the figure along with his signature waterslides. Every aspect has been improved upon majorly. The only difference is that 2.0 comes with the great stand and the hyper mega launcher.

  2. you know what

    at least it isn't another RX-78

    I see no problem with this

    Also about damn time, after they did the ZZ ver Ka and that was pretty frickin good

  3. I'm... disappointed tbh. sure the MG 2.0 arguably needs an update, but so do a lot of other MG kits. Exia for one needs one bad. We're probably never going to get the MG VerKa G-Self at this point too.

  4. My goodness, another pre-existing MG, Literally, there's just minor different to the Zeta 2.0. It's basically a more detailed Zeta 2.0 MG labelled as Ver Ka and that it can stand. What happened to the Atlas Gundam Ver Ka or the G-Reco's G-self, Moon Gundam, Narrative Gundam, Tristan Gundam, Xi Gundam? What happened to the other MG models that was teased earlier or in previous expos? Bandai has let us down for consecutive years. Seriously, they should integrate+introduce a new model to be the new Ver Ka. I even believe that the God Gundam and GP01, is more acceptable and more deserving, given how old the technology (Screws) is for the model kit. From hundreds of Gundams, Bandai can only think of Zeta as to be part of Ver Ka line? Unreal and very disappointing.

    1. wait *did* they tease an MG Moon Gundam?? s'the first I've heard of it... same for Narrative, Tristan and Xi

    2. lol what? G-self won the official ver Ka poll, yes, but they never teased the potential release MG Narrative, Xi, Moon, etc others you mentioned. Get ur facts straight

  5. Impressed with the tech put into this model but that's where my excitement ends. Figured it would be something completely new but I'll take another non- RX78-2/Zaku/Unicorn MG. I'm just hoping this is a stepping stone to getting a MG Delta Kai in the next 5 years

  6. And it looks nothing like a ver.Ka. I'm not sure if a real Katoki Zeta lineart actually exists but one of the 1990s B-Club resin kits was a ver.Ka and that looked really nice compared to this.

  7. There is absolutely nothing breakthrough with this Version Ka. Just a minor update of the Version 2.0, and a very similar shoty job like the Version 1.5 EX-S/S Gundam that marketed to the model fans. If you never have a Version 2.0, this Version Ka is great, but I would pass it and enjoy the 2.0 that I have for years.

  8. For that price it's a skip for me. Even if there is a lot under the hood the loss of the stuff from 2.0 like the hyper mega launcher and base doesn't make it worthwhile in my eyes, plus it doesn't seem to be a big jump in difference externally.

  9. Aesthetically and mechanically, this blows the 2.0 out of the water. It's not even close. I'd love to get whatever the complainers are smoking on to call this kit anything but great lmaooo.

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