GunPla Blog 03: God Gundam Has the Best Articulation in the History of Real Grade so Far

Bandai Spirits has been improving their game when it comes to the articulation of the GunPla models they release every year. The Real Grade God Gundam should be no news when it comes to any GunPla upgrades.

Just like what they did to the RG Gundam Astray Red Frame, the engineering team have yet used another structure of a human body as base for God Gundam's articulation, also, to imitate the perfect movement of a "Mobile Fighter" just like what we've seen in the anime.

The kit is provided with the "Advanced MS Joints" for its shoulders, and wrists parts to provide mechanisms that allows the respective pars to be positioned in a more natural way.

As seen in the images provided by Bandai Spirits on its pre-release, the RG God Gundam can perform some martial arts poses at ease, and can even perform a full split.

And also, of course, its iconic cross-arm pose is also possible achieve in the most natural way! The pose is even advertised in its box art.

What is your favorite Real Grade GunPla so far? Are you also hoping to see a specific mobile suit in the lineup?

The kit will be released on August 13th, 2022 for 3850 Yen MSRP.

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  1. mobile suit from stardust memories, such as the GP02a and GM custom is my wish list.
    As for new mobiles suit which does realeased in both MG and RG yet, I will go for rozen zulu and ksh atriya (or renew version of GP series)

  2. Shining Gundam would be nice, I feel like a Real Grade would be the only way to get one that has the face opening gimmick for Super Mode, the last Shining kit to have it is the SD from 2003

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