Gundam Blog 02: Char Aznable's 2023 Daily Planner Gets a Premium Bandai Release

Organize Your Days 3x faster Like the Red Comet!

Premium Bandai has announced that it will start accepting pre-orders for the Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Notebook 2023 (Char Aznable Daily Planner 2023) starting July 8th, 2022. The notebook has a price tag of 4,400 Yen and will start shipping in November 2022.

The item is inspired with the colors and motif of Char Aznable himself. It features a red and black polyurethane cover that creates a leather feel and lined with Principality of Zeon crest for its design and provided with golden crest for its lock. The book is available in B6 size, which is practical and highly portable.

The inside of the cover is equipped with convenient card pocket and pen holder. Char's name is on the inside of the cover, and you can almost feel the presence of the red comet everytime you open it!

The inside of the cover is equipped with a convenient card pocket and pen holder, and is fully functional. Char's name is on the inside of the cover, and you can feel the presence of Char every time you open it.

In addition, the notebook has a total of 193 pages that includes monthly page, memo page, and information page.
  • Monthly Page (January to December 2023) features a large, easy-to-write frame space that allows you to see the schedule for one month at a glance.
  • Memo Page - has a simple and easy-to-use design, and supports memos in various situations. The illustration art incorporates an abundance of Char's activities that you can almost experience the flow of One Year War.
  • Information Page is full of Char-related content and information which also features Char's personal data (Japanese text), diary, quotes, personal correlation charts, and One Year War chronology.

As a bonus, the notebook is housed in a special drawstring purse that you can carry everywhere you want. It also includes a business card-style that you can flex to your friends!

Here's yet another Gundam inspired daily thing that I want, AND I am so glad that I can reach it this time with a help of a friend in Japan!


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