GunPla Blog 01: The RX-93ff nu Gundam

Celebrating the Gundam Side-F's official life-sized statue, RX-93ff nu Gundam, are the release of its very own GunPla lineup, sharing the same molds with the nu Gundam's Entry Grade, SD BB Senshii, and of course, Real Grade counterparts.

The kits were also slightly modified in terms of colors to match the statue's color schematics, including exclusive decals and its very own long-ranged fin funnel that is unique to the RX-93ff model.

As of April 25th, 2022, the said GunPla models have started its sales exclusive at the Gundam Side-F facility located inside the Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Fukuoka, the building where the 1/1 scale RX-93ff nu Gundam statue is also located.

The models also became available for pre-orders in different official Premium Bandai websites, including USA for limited time in June 2022, which will starting shipping in November 2022.

With all that said, I am really glad that I was able to get one from a friend in Japan, and was able to build the RG version of the statue! I quite enjoyed the whole build, specifically with the all new experience building the long ranged fin funnel, as I have been fascinated by it since its first reveal.

Also, I must say that didn't expect the new molds for its front shoulders and the abundance of extra parts, some are molded twice for different shades of its armor pieces, some are even in full runners and a few are in its undergated versions, too! The kit also comes with a set of runners for the half of fin funnels but sadly, no B runner to connect them together...

In addition, the kit is also completed with nu Gundam's shield, beam rifle and bazooka, but I didn't bother building those as I aim to build the statue version.

Applying the decal seals is always a plus when building a Real Grade model, as I was also happy to see that they've provided us with a water slide decal version of the rainbow Amuro Ray emblems.

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