Japan to Continue Accepting Students for GunPla School

In October 2021, Japanese elementary schools have implemented a plastic modelling class that promotes GunPla as its main topic. The class is called "Gundam Academia", an elementary level course that focuses on basic knowledge in building plastic model kits with specified focus for GunPla modelling.

Last year's class have gathered about 90,000 students from 1,400 different elementary schools in Japan, nationwide for a six month course from October 2021 up until March 2022. Each participating schools are expected to give feedback to the coordinators by June 2022 to polish their courses for future use and for the next generations.

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Gundam Academia is part of the Gundam Educational Program, which is an initiative in the educational field of the sustainable project "GUNDAM UNIVERSAL CENTURY DEVELOPMENT ACTION (GUDA)" that utilizes and focuses "Gundam" topic.

This year, the program aims to continue the course and have opened their applications for the June 2022 class. Course application starts on May 10th up until May 14th, 2022 via Bandai Spirits website.

The learning goal for this year's course is to understand the production process of GunPla from the actual factory, and to give knowledge about the development of their latest technology. The program also aims to share the efforts of people involved in the plastic model production and the awareness of how and why they do it. Also, to be able to share their own thoughts and knowledge on issues and to sustain excellent manufacturing technology in the future.

Included in the course is a free non-scale Gunpla Trial Kit RX-78-2 Gundam that stands about 100mm or about 3.93 inches which are specially made to fit the hands of elementary students.

Image from Gundam.info


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