HGAC 1/144 Shenlong Gundam - Release Info, Box art and Official Images

HGAC 1/144 Shenlong Gundam
Release Date: September 2022
Price: 1,650 Yen

Officially announced at the Hobby NEXT PHASE 2022 Spring! The long awaited Chang Wufei's Gundam has finally arrived to complete the TV Wing series GunPla lineup! The kit is provided with completely newly molded parts added with extended articulation.

The kit is also completed with its original weapons and equipment that includes its Dragon Fang that's equipped to its right arm which can also be extend for a medium ranged combat with the help of its segmented arm system. It also comes with its beam glaive and Shenlong shield.


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  1. It feels like only a short time ago I was completely captivated by the absolutely iconic Toonami teaser trailer for Gundam Wing, narrated by Peter Optimus Prime Cullen. Now, just a couple of short decades later we finally have a complete set of the original five TV design Gundams.

    Deathscythe Hell is obviously just a matter of time, as well as Altron. They already P-Bandai-ed the Mercurius and Vayeate (still salty about that) so the Virgos are basically half done.

    Can we pretty please get a Taurus and a Pisces so I can finally die happy? And if we're already spitballing, how about we start on some proper HGAC 1/144 EW suits to replace those marginal previous kits?

  2. Replies
    1. likely before Altron and D hell...

      time will tell... Tallgeese II will be P bandai.... god forbrid D hell and Altron as well

  3. While I'm happy for the Shenlong fans who've wanted this (a long time coming lol) I can't help but be underwhelmed by the fact that this was the ONLY HG Gundam announcement... and pretty much everyone saw it coming. *Goes back to ranting about an HG GM Revive/GM Origin Ver...*

    1. Nah, I think that's pretty reasonable IMO. It seems like regular retail releases are just becoming fewer and farther between in recent years, while much more attention is being given to P-Bandai.

      The only question is how much of this can be blamed on COVID-related problems.

    2. Couldn't agree with you more on the HGUC GM Revive/ HG Origin GM ranting. We really need those to come out and Bandai shouldn't have any excuses for it. I have a feeling we might see something of what we want when the new Origin movie comes out since we do have two GMs appear in the movie. (Also look much and in lore, have better tech put into it than the original anime designs. Let's not pretend here.)

  4. *sigh of relief*

    At long last... the original five will all be together.

    OK people - NOW we can start asking for HG Epyon!

  5. I have a feeling the shiny green on the shoulders will be a sticker and will look terrible

  6. At last; the squad is complete!
    AND they kept to the pattern of releasing one member each year.
    Sandrock in 2019, Heavyarms in 2020, Deathscythe in 2021 and now Shenlong in 2022.
    We already have the Sandrock Kai and Heavyarms Kai as P-Bandai releases, so the Deathscythe Hell and Altron shouldn't be far behind. The former is probably gonna be announced in the coming months.
    Now i'm just wondering if the Endless Waltz variants are in the pipeline, although they'd require a fair amount of new tooling.

  7. epyon, vayeate, mercurius, and taurus.. please, bandai

    1. The Vayeate & Mercurius already exist though...
      They're a P-Bandai 2-pack kit.

  8. Leopard, Leopard Destroy, Bertigo, and G-Falcon.. please, bandai

  9. Finally. Looks good. Very happy for all the Wing HG fans. Not a HG guy myself but happy as a Wing fan overall. Epyon or Tallgeese next?

  10. Finally we got the exteno arm back! I love Katoki's work, but leaving that out of the EW version was like making an Armored Core game without the KARASAWA.

  11. I've had this preordered on HLJ and have been assembling all the Wing lads together, unintentionally in anticipation of this kit's release.
    Now if only my Amazon preorder of the Deathscythe could stop getting pushed back repeatedly...

  12. I hope that bandai can gave more HGAC kit model Tallgeese & Tallgeese Flugel ,Wing Gundam Zero EW Neo Bird mode, Gundam Epyon , Tallgeese 2 & 3 and Flugel form , Wing Gundam Zero Snow White Prelude HG Gundam Exa Extreme Gundam Agios, Extreme Gundam Exa , Extreme Gundam Type Leos II, HGBF Gundam Fenice Rinascita Alba in GBGW & Next Phase Project this year 💌💌🎮🎮✍️✍️

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