Gundam SEED HD Remaster Gets a New Limited Blu-ray Box Set

The Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remaster is getting a new Blu-ray box set that will be released by BANDAI NAMCO Arts on March 29th for 44,000 Yen (10% tax included) reveals a newly drawn illustration for its storage box casing and for its Digistack jacket.

The character illustrations were drawn by character designer Hisashi Hirai and chief mechanic animation director Satoshi Shigeta. The theme focuses with Kira Yamato, and Athrun Zala, along with Freedom Gundam, and Justice Gundam as their respective Gundam units. The Digistack were also featured with two different types of illustration combination; one with Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne, and one with Cagalli Yula Athha, and Athrun Zala - which were also, illustrated by Mr. Hirai.

In addition, to commemorate the release of this special box set, Kira Yamato's voice actor, Mr. Soichiro Hoshi, and Athrun Zala's voice actor, Mr. Akira Ishida's commentary will be included in the set.

To those who will get the Blu-ray set in participating stores will be presented with a "corporate common privilege" (Groups A or B) as gift. Group A features an illustration of Kira Yamato and Strike Gundam, while group B features Athrun Zala and Aegis Gundam.

[Participating stores]

[Group A]
・Animate (including mail order, not applicable to Akihabara Annex)
・All Gamers stores (including online shops)
・Shosen Book Tower
・AmiAmi Online Shop
・Tower Records * Some stores
・WonderGOO / Shinseido * Excluding some stores
・HMV, HMV & BOOKS online

[B group]
・A-on STORE (Bandai Namco Arts official shop)
・TSUTAYA online
・Yamada Denki * Excluding some stores
・Seven Net Shopping
・Joshin Disc Pier (including Joshin web shop)
・Rakuten Books
・Bic Camera * Excluding some stores
・Sofmap - Animega
・Yodobashi Camera

The set will of course come with all 48 original HD remastered episodes, including newly recorded commentary option for episodes 26, 33, 36, and 41 for this specific "Complete Blu-ray BOX Version".



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