Gundam Metaverse Project Aims to Expand the Gundam IP

Gundam to expand its Intellectual Property (IP) through co-creation with Gunpla, esports, and fans!

During Bandai Namco Group's presentation at the 3rd Gundam Conference online on March 29th, they officially announced that the company is in the works to expand their IP by proceeding with a "Gundam Metaverse Project". This aims to boost its reach by using innovative solution by combining its franchises and sections in one interactive place by using single Bandai Namco ID.

In this project, the company aims to first launch a virtual space called "Gundam Colony" that envisions to provide various GunPla related experience to their fans and new visitors.

Included in the announcement is the previously tested "Gundam Base Virtual World" which provides an entertainment space that can be visited anywhere in the world. This section will be officially opened for service as "Gundam Base GunPla Colony Store" for limited time, sometime this Fall 2022 for a test.

Gundam Battle and Gundam Contests where you can fight other GunPla were also lined-up to join this metaverse project. This focuses to enhance the experience of GunPla building by combining both of its physical and digital aspects.

An e-sports colony was also announced, which is under construction for completion in 2023. Together with the online multiplayer Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2, the newly announced 6 vs 6 FPS Gundam Game, "GUNDAM EVOLUTION" which will officially launch in 2022, will act as starting titles for the e-sports colony. A scheduled test for both Japan and United states will launch for the PC version of the Gundam Evolution game on April 8th.

Starting from April of 2022, the Bandai Namco Group will start introducing its top-level concept, "Purpose" - a concept of bringing the elements of "connecting" and "creating together" to boost the experience and to practice "Fun for All into the Future" by connecting BANDAI NAMCO and fans through dreams, play, and excitement.
over the world can gather, talk, meet and interact with various categories of content.

New contents about the project will be announced as the project reaches its completion. Stay tuned for more.


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