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The official Premium Bandai US had just announced a special promotion to celebrate the "PRESIDENT'S DAY", from February 9th, 2022 at 8:00 PM (EST) up to February 23rd, 2022 11:59 PM (EST). During this celebration, Premium Bandai US is also giving away Free Shipping coupons that you can get from their official event page.

Make sure to check the below featured products in which you can take advantage of the free shipping coupon!


The Re-GZ Custom joins the METAL ROBOT SPIRITS lineup. This mobile suit first appeared in the Char's Counterattack Mobile Suit Variations, and described as an enhanced version of the Re-GZ developed by the Earth Federation Forces. It features a very distinctive Back Weapon System (BWS) that helps it transform into a Waverider Mode.

This Re-GZ variant features a significant Gundam head type as well as an A symbol on its left shoulder armor as it was intended to be piloted by Amuro Ray. The mobile suit was then left to be unknown as the RX-93 nu Gundam came into action first.

The Crossbone Gundam Ghost gets its Full Cloth version in the Metal Build Gundam figure series! The figure features a huge range of upgrade to the overall looks of the whole Gundam itself, from the vast detailing and high quality colorization, to its impressive articulation.

The set is completed with numerous amount of extra parts and equipment that includes 4 types of replacement wrist parts for its left arm, and 5 for its right. It also comes with replacement head piece and chest parts for variation purposes. It also includes a complete set of Crossbone Gundam X-0 weapons with matching effect parts. Joint sets to accommodate some gimmicks, and a dedicated pedestal set for display presentation.

The Metal Robot Spirits adds the Gundam Epyon to its lineup! The figure remained faithful to the anime's original design added with detailing touches that improved its overall looks. The figure is provided with die cast framing for its joints that enhances the experience when performing dynamic poses. The joints were also chrome plated to provide a luxurious appearance to the figure.

The Guntank Mass production type joins the version A.N.I.M.E. SIDE MS figure series with the very anime style moldings and design. The figure set is completed with its unique weapons and equipment which includes two 120 mm Low-Recoil Cannons and
4-Gun Launcher, along with respective effect parts.

This is the artillery support mobile suit that engaged in operations together with The 08th MS Team, as seen in “The Shuddering Mountain, Part 1,” the 10th episode of “Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.”
The KA Signature METAL ROBOT SPIRITS line has announced the release of the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam MSV series with the Hyaku Shiki Kai Mass Production type as first in the lineup.
Produced and designed by mecha designer Katoki Hajime himself, the entire proportions and detailing of the finalized figure has been very faithful to its original designs and blue prints.

The set comes with newly designed sniper armor pack along with its sniper rifle. This expansion pack is compatible with Gundam SEED Astray METAL BUILD Lineup along with the Alternative Strike MSV series.

The pack is also capable of transforming between equipment mode (when its docked to a mobile suit) and in flight mode when it is on its standalone state.


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