GunPla Reissue Calendar - January 2022

Bandai Spirits releases a list of GunPla that are going to be reissued in January 2022!
What are you looking to get for this month?

GunPla names that are highlighted in blue are new for this month and are being produced for the first time.

Don't forget to check out this video for January 2022's GunPla lineup!



  1. This is nice and all, but where exactly would I go to buy any of these?

    I mean, I've seen plenty of these reissue lists in the past but whenever I go to online stores like Hobbylink Japan and the like, their stocks never seem to reflect what's on those lists.

    So again I ask, where do I go to actually buy any of these?

    1. HLJ has a long backorder list. Basically everybody that already ordered a kit before you has priority and they fulfill those orders until they run out of kits. If there are any kits left after fulfilling the backorders, they will go show as in stock but it's unlikely that happens because of the current gunpla shortage.
      Your best bet is to watch like a hawk the stocks of stores that don't allow backorders or just buy locally.

    2. Hobby Link Japan is your best bet as you can back order but like how Carlos said the backorder lines are long, if you get in line now in a year or two where these kits are reprinted you'll get your kit. The HGUC Messala and Palace Athene had just been reprinted and it's been a while since these kits have ever been printed. Only Japanese retailer model shops got these shipments. USA Gundam store, mecha warehouse, newtype most distributers didn't get these kits even on their restock list. If a retailer goes through bluefin for most of their gunpla restocks they're not going to get these obscure kits, you're going to continue seeing the popular Zaku's GM's, unicorns and Wing kits because that's what sells quickly over here in USA. Canada even gets better restocks than USA at most distributers.

      You can try to buy from a proxy service, that's how I got my nightingale 3 months early in the USA but this is expensive. Join a facebook buy and sell group, a lot of the time you'll find these rare or hard to find kits for cheaper than buyee, mandrake or from japan from private sellers, just be careful because it's easy to be scammed here too, always use Paypal Goods and services.

      TL;DR get in line at hobby link japan now.

    3. I just did that, and I now have a Blue Frame Second L in my warehouse.
      Thanks dude!

      Now I just wonder why I never did this before?!

  2. I just have one more question, how often do these reissue lists come out?

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