Hobby Next Phase 2021 Reveals Announcement Lineup

The official Bandai Hobby site reveals its plans and set of announcements for the upcoming Hobby Next Phase 2021 Autumn event this coming November 14th.

Here's an image showing which has planned for each day of the event!
New announcements will be revealed online via Bandai Hobby site event page.

November 14 - New set of Figure-rise Standard will be revealed.
November 15 - Digimon Tamers and 30 Minute Missions model kits to be line up.
November 16 - New Premium Bandai and Full Mechanics kits to be announced.
November 17 - New kits from SD Gundam World Heroes series and new entries in Entry Grade GunPla lineup.
November 18 - New Real Grade kit to be revealed.

The site also announced that the event will extend to an official convention at Shinjuku Sumitomo Building on November 20th to 21st to showcase more about the model kits.



  1. Heck yeah new RG. Feel like we've gone OYW, late UC, AW rotation for a while now, so wonder if it'll be another OYW kit.

  2. A new RG kit coming reveal at November 18? This will be interesting!!

  3. Come on RG Ez8
    Also, come on p-bandai MG Conroy's custom Jegan

  4. i am still waiting for the

    rg gundam x

    rg gundam x divider

    rg gundam double x with g falcon unit as well!

    rg airmaster

    rg airmaster burst

    rg leopard

    rg leopard destroy

    rg virsago and ashtaron

  5. waiting for figure rise standard gundam build divers rerise maiya

    full mechannics gundam double x with g falcon unit as well

  6. Please New Premium Bandai For After War Gundam X Series!

  7. I really hope the new RG is one we haven't gotten yet. Not a revisit to the same series, like NEW new. Something from 08th MS Team, or they could throw us a curveball like the G-Self or Alex, or they could give us a new monoeye, like the Dom or the Gouf. Or a GM! An RG GM would be nice!

    Or if they really wanted to milk it, they could give us an RG Gundam Ground Type. That'd allow them to make retools like the Blue Destiny series, the GM Ground Types etc etc

  8. Tfw I'm seemingly the only one excited to see if the Sword Calamity or the other two of the druggie trio will get Full Mechanics kits. They've needed 1/100 kits for such a long time.

  9. Please let there be a Figure Rise Standard Amplified Megidramon!

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