Code Fairy to Get 3 Volume Releases Starting November

Bandai Namco reveals more details for the new Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation Code Fairy as promised during its reveal on October 7th. Details revealed that the game will be exclusively released digitally starting November 5th of 2021 via PlayStation Network for both PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 consoles.

The game was also announced to have three volumes which will be launched not too far from its initial release! Its second volume will be launched on November 19th and its third will be available on December 3rd.

Code Fairy's gameplay is similar and based on the free-to-play Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2! Bandai Namco also announces that it will give the players of Battle Operation 2 the ability to unlock new missions depending on how they have progressed the game. Unlocking Mobile Suits and bonuses are also obtainable in offline mode - more announces will be made as both games develops.

The original Japanese release will have Japanese texts and audios, while an English version is now ready for pre-orders separately via PlayStation networks in some Southeast Asian regions for 70 Singaporean Dollars for the standard edition which includes Code Fairy's volumes 1-3 and early access. - See PSN SINGAPORE for more details.

SOURCE: siliconera / gematsu

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