NETFLIX to Bring Gundam in Action!

Netflix official twitter account announces that it's streaming service will be bringing the live-action Gundam film which is a collaborative project between Sunrise and Legendary pictures that was teased in 2018 soon. The film is also announced to be directed and produced by Kong: Skull Island's Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

Sunrise first revealed a short visual clip intended for the live-action project during the Gundam conference event in April of 2018. The movie was tentatively listed under the title Mobile Suit Gundam UC2 that took place in Universal century 0104 and was also planned to be launched as an "overseas drama" format in 2022.

In 2019, the production announces that American comic book and television writer, Brian K. Vaughan, the man behind the Ex Machina, Runaways, Y: The Last Man, and Pride of Baghdad will pen the script of the live-action Gundam film.

Announcement about the movie's Netflix official stream date is yet to be determined.



  1. Huh, what timing! I'd JUST showed the teaser to my dad last night saying this was ALL we'd gotten about the movie since 2018 XD

  2. No matter what they release it will be the best Live action Gundam movie ever made because it only has to be better than G-savior

    1. Which one? I'm sorry, there seems to be a hole in my memory whenever I see that word. Like i see what it says, but for the life of me i cant recall anything.

  3. Idk y'all I am nervous that this is going to suck big time. I am mostly worried that the Hollywood production company will take a nuanced story like MSG--with it's anti-war message, political intrigue, and good character writing--and turn it into an overproduced movie that's been trivialized into being simply about the robot on robot action. I hope the movie(s?) continues to be character and story driven, like some of the best entries in the series. Then there's the director.

    Kong: Skull Island wasn't bad but it's also the only film director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has done that isn't a comedy. It still had comedic elements And that doesn't bode well for me. Don't get me wrong, I love John C Reilly and his part in KSI was all right, but does a Gundam film really need goofball characters like him? And who doesn't cringe at the comedic relief from those plucky kids in MSG anyway?

    Maybe I am too lost in the sauce to see it any other way, but I reserve the right to have high expectations. I'd love to see a Gundam film that has the braves to take its subject matter seriously (i.e., anti-war messaging/horrors of war, genocide, literal space Nazis, etc.). I'd also love to see a nice balance of entertainment with good story writing. Like, of course I want those sweet sweet mobile suit battles but it means nothing if the story is worthless.

    Right now, what I am bracing for is a visually overproduced mess with an underdeveloped story, bad one liners, and Michael Bay-esque mobile suit designs. Hollywood hasn't given me enough reason to believe otherwise.

  4. An American comic book writer is writing the script?!

    Oh this thing is gonna SUUUUUUCK.

  5. Hopefully they make it more in line with Pacific Rim the first instead of Pacific Rim Power Ranger robots edition

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