Gundam Build Goes Live March 29th

Gundam continues to celebrate its 40th anniversary with another wonderful announcement! Sunrise has unveiled a trailer for a live-action Gundam Build franchise series that will be available for streaming for free starting March 29, 2021 (Monday) in Gundam official YouTube channel. 

The new series is titled "Gundam Build Real", featuring real life builds and VR style combat style inspired from its anime predecessors. Look forward to some amazing combat actions aided by CG presentation to visualize a breathtaking and never-before-seen scenes in the history of Gundam.

Many of the GunPla that will be featured in the series were already released and mostly modified versions of known existing models. Anything new that are going to be featured in the series will also get released! Stay tuned and watch out for some amazing builds and announcements as they go along with its story.

The Gundam Build franchise started introducing the freedom of GunPla building back in 2013 - featuring familiar and some unique designed GunPla added with special abilities and gimmicks that gets into intense GunPla battling actions. The series has succeeded to introduce GunPla into a wider range of audiences including ages from 6 to even 50 plus years old.

The series has also released numerous amount of GunPla from the franchise, inspiring builders to build their own customized GunPla over the years of its success!



  1. Well I didn't expect this! This is gonna be a good early B-Day present!

  2. This sounds ... worrying. If this is a live-action "Gundam Build Fighters" that could be pretty cringeworthy. Now if it was a more of a documentary series where gunpla masters showed off their modeling techniques I'd be all over that.

  3. This actually seems pretty interesting to me, but I've got a bone to pick with that zaku design. It looks like someone just slapped a MG sized leo shield on that shoulder, and the spikes are still under there, looking all awkward and useless. And that just means the zaku has doubled up on shoulder shields. It just seems... Odd and without much thought put in

    1. Maybe the shield still has the beam saber holsters.

      If so I could kind of see the benefits.

  4. As long as the customs a nice and the CG is better then... G-Saviour(BLECK!!!), I'll be happy enough.

    Also that custom Zaku... I dig it, quite spiffy actually.

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