P-Bandai: MG 1/100 ORX-013 Gundam Mk-V - Release Info

P-Bandai: MG 1/100 ORX-013 Gundam Mk-V
Release Date: April 2021 (second batch release: June 2021) 
Price: 8,800 Yen

Premium Bandai and Bandai Spirits reveals the colored-prototype model of the upcoming MG 1/100 Gundam Mk-V from the Gundam Sentinel series during the GunPla Expo 2020. The model kit features 100% newly molded parts. Bits and pieces open doors to multiple variations lined-up for Gundam Mk-V - though has not been announced yet...

Incom Injection - stored in its backpack and can be deployed with the help of lead wire provided in the kit. This gimmick ads some dynamic feel to the overall build of the kit.

Missile container - This section features opening and closing hatch.

Beam cannon deployment - The backpack can be moved to reproduce the deployment of the left and right beam canons.

Shield suspension - The backpack can also be equipped with its shield

The kit is also packed with water slide decals.
Bandai Spirits and Premium Bandai also states that the kit will be coming in a fully colored box art!

The detailing on the kit are looking very promising, starting with its fine panel lining and sharp separation of parts and colors.


  1. This sales policy is getting rather tiring and frustrating. You can have FAZZ the EX-S 1.5 but you don't get this as regular release, and I'm not even speaking to the numerous versions bandai will milk from the Mk-V (yeah see Doven Wolf, Amuro's custom, Silver Bullet, Sleeves).
    The kit itself looks awesome and is a personal all-time favorite but seeing that big shield bending the arm on it's weight and the gun's loose grip, has me worried about an all PS frame on this massive suit.
    (Oh, and that clenched fist looks bad also...)

  2. glad this is getting a kit! but sad this is pbandai

  3. I'm still confused as to why they made an MG of this MS, especially as an exclusive.
    An HGUC would've been easier to make since the Doven Wolf & Silver Bullet exist so most of the work is done already.
    This being an exclusive critically lowers the chances of an MG Silver Bullet/Doven Wolf since P-Bandai kits rarely get variants.
    They should've just made this thing retail, having it an exclusive is stupid.

    1. Things you have to consider:
      1. Ex-S got retail release because it's the poster boy of Sentinel, but not for MkV. Let's be real how much you see MkV in other media especially game compared to Ex-S?
      2. Much piled up kits for unpopular design in store made bandai extra cautious for deciding who will be retail and exclusive. With P-Bandai, they can avoid loss from piled up product because P-Bandai are order-made, not mass produce.Just admit it, most of photonovel design fall into nerd/geek knowledge, not mainstream, so do MkV.
      3. Japan's economy condition not in very good condition too made Bandai push niche/obscure design to be P-Bandai, which is refer to point 2. In the end, Bandai main target are domestic, not international market.

    2. Talking MG-wise now, you get the main suit in Sentinel but not the antagonist one? This should've excluded most of Char's and Arthrun's suits or the Turn X (ok not a true popularity comparison).
      Yes P-Bandai kits are destined for the domestic market in Japan but Bandai as a company has an increase in sales worldwide for model kits and made an opening with a new factory this year to respond in production needs of the American and Chinese market mainly. They even opened a Bandai Hobby Store in Paris this year.
      Also they make kits overseas nowadays check on those new SD kits Sazabi and Nu gundam made in China.
      I do however cut them a slack for those Sentinel kits, and that is the copyright issues they have with Model Graphix.

    3. Still, they're Japanese company, their own market still the highest priority. Doesn't matter bandai opening overseas factory or not, piled product still a loss and if combined with overseas data sales, it'll be higher than just domestic one.

    4. Maybe this is to cover some of the cost for a standard release MG Silver Bullet Suppressor? I feel this one might be coming soonish.

    5. There's no way product planning begins with a P-bandai item first and after that you get a different version for regular release. Also you get more chances to have the Doven Wolf next, based on lore.

  4. I've been waiting for this. Finally coming out soon. Yeah!

  5. This is also long overdue! Glad that Bandai is releasing all the Gundams after nu gundam. thank you! Woot!

  6. Awesome looking kit. Might be my first Premium kit ever.

  7. waiit... why did they need to add a clip stand on the shoulder joint? too loose to support the shield?

  8. Now just waiting for HGUC version.... (and a Ex-S revive...)

  9. Does anyone know when pre-orders go live for this?

  10. I feel like it's made to be the one of the 'simple' mgs to cut the MG release quota (similar to seed zaku warrior and deep striker)

    I don't say it's bad but I hope it's durable and strong enough to hold a pose and play

  11. This guy is in the 25 meter range, GBO2 it is tall MS. Expect a MG Xi Gundam and Penelope in the future.

  12. I am thinking about if Bandai will make Doven-wolf and Silver Bullet later (I bet they would use the same skeleton)