GunPla 40th Anniversary Sets a New Exhibition Starting October 30th

An event called GunPla World Ver. 40th is currently being held at both Gundam Bases in Japan (Fukuoka / Tokyo ) to showcase the genealogy of GunPla from 1980 up to the year 2020, also to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

The event starts from October 30th at the Gundam Base Tokyo facility, and while Fukuoka starting a week later (November 6, 2020) both will end the exhibit at the same time in March 2021.

Opening times will adhere to the respective Gundam Base business hours during the pandemic period and may subject to change with further announcements.

Admission for the venue will be free as the exhibit will be part of the Gundam Base Tokyo and Fukuoka amenities.

The event also announces its zones and sections that will feature variety of GunPla models with their corresponding histories.

Zone of Birth of GunPla will be featuring all the "how it all started" how the GunPla was made, and such!

Zones for each grades, featuring High Grade, Master Grade, Real Grade, and Perfect Grade will also get their own sections.

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