P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Gundam F90 Mission Pack D Type & G Type [REISSUE] - Release Info

P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Gundam F90 Mission Pack D Type & G Type [REISSUE]
Release Date: September 2022
Price: 2,200 Yen

Release Date: December 2020
Price: 2,200 Yen

The Mobile Suit Gundam F90 A ~ Z project continues in the Premium Bandai GunPla expansion line with the Mission Pack D and G types! Providing the Gundam F90 another mile of mission expansion packs with newly molded parts loaded with never before seen gimmicks!

Main Gundam F90 unit sold separately.

A sheet of water slide decal is also included for detailing.


A mission pack that is provided with close-up/ suppressive combat specifications.
In addition to reproducing various characteristic weapons, the Mega Gatling gun connected to the back of the waist is movable and various poses can be reproduced.

5-rocket packs / 4-grenade packs
The arm is equipped with a large 5-pack rocket launcher. A 4-grenade racks are installed on both sides of each shoulders provided with independently movable gimmicks for each cylinder.

MS Cracker
The expansion pack D comes with 2 MS crackers that can be holstered in the front skirt when not in use.

Mega Gatling Gun
Connected to to back of its waist is a mega gatling gun. This weapon can also be moved with the help of its joint parts that provides extended articulation.

The elastic band that connects to the connection base is made of a soft material for flexibility.

High Mobility Booster

The high mobile boosters are installed on sides of its legs. Provided with thrusters of various types.


A new mission pack designed and created by Kunio Okawara to provide Guard type equipment pack to the Gundam F90. Provided with multiple beam weapons and large shields!

Multiple Beam Weapon

A sword type equipment that produces bursts of beam blades to guard it self from close-combat battles. 
This sword-type weapon can also be converted into a rifle form.

Large Shield

Installed on its left shoulder, the large shield to provide unparalleled defense during close-combat. Gundam F90 is able to protect itself from upcoming missile attacks and heavy beam, heat type melee weapons. 




  1. Love the look of the G-Type, that shield on the left shoulder kinda looks like that Armidillo Sandrock that's coming out soon-ish too

  2. Finally a Universal Century anti-ship sword. its not even like anti-ship swords are as impractical a concept as seed made the main ones out to be (especially in a universe were beams can clash normally). you could have the anti-ship sword contain a built in generator like funnels but dedicated exclusively to managing its beam armaments and connecting it, in some way, to the MS's main generator would dramatically increase its output. its a shame that the only series that really touches on this concept even a little is 00 and even they drop it after the 00 gundam switches to the GN Blade 3

    1. Nah, Crossbone's muramasa blaster did it first, but lore-wise F90G's sword will be the predecessor of muramasa blaster.

  3. That Multiple Beam Weapon from Guard Pack has a gimmick like Muramasa Blaster from Crossbone X3 & X1 Full Cloth.

  4. This pack I actually like both of them for once

  5. That Multiple Beam Cannon when sword mode looks similar like Crossbone X1 Full Cloth Muramasa Blaster.Hmm... Interesting i gonna say.

  6. So far, this is probably the best of all the mission sets so far. So good and the theme for both fit really well. Im expecting this will get multiple reprints from just how good the parts can be used.

  7. I really like the G-type. The sword is a really cool weapon. It reminds me of the Muramasa Blaster from the Crossbone Gundam (I feel this was intentional). I feel like you could combine the F-type and G-type and end up with a sort of faux-Crossbone Gundam. This might be the first Mission Pack set I buy (the D-type is really cool too).

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