P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Gundam Barbatos Expansion Set - Release Info

P-Bandai: MG 1/100 Gundam Barbatos Expansion Set
Release Date: October 2020 [3rd batch: December 2020]
Price: 3,410 Yen

Premium Bandai has finally announced the release of expansion for the MG Gundam Barbatos! The kit is provided with completely new molded parts for the Gundam Barbatos forms 1 through 6! The kit also has a 1/100 scale Tekkadan Mobile Worker, provided with amazing detailing and multiple part separation. Also a 1/100 scale Orga Itsuka is also included!

Kit also comes with waterslide decal sheet for detailing!

MG 1/100 Gundam Barbatos sold separately

1st Form
  • Arms on both shoulders are removed. The left armor and shield are provided with new molded parts.

2nd Form
  • Provided with newly molded shoulder armor parts, this form also installed with the first form's left arm armor and mini shield.
3rd Form
  • Like the 2nd form, this form is provided with the same shoulder armors, equipped with the same left arm armor installed with its wire claw equipment!
4th Form
  • The regular version Gundam Barbatos kit is in its 4th form. No modification needed!

5th Form
  • The 5th form is provided with waist boosters, a newly molded forearm armor equipped with mortars!
5th Form (Ground)
  • Equipped with its massive Wrench Mace weapon! This form is also provided with the enlarged leg unit to support its weight and give balance to the overall build of the unit.

6th Form

  • Provided with the Wrench Mace weapon, this kit is fully equipped with new molded armor pieces for its shoulders, and chest part.



  1. Well this is pretty cool for those wanting to display any form besides form 4.

  2. Oh my goodness. Am- am I dreaming? Parts for ALL six forms??? AND waterslide decals?! YES PLEASE, BANDAI!

  3. Makes me hopeful for the gusion and hopefully some grunt kits too

  4. Well, I might need to get this. Damnit, Bandai. This is better than I hoped.

  5. hope they give us 2 figurines of mika since it looks like the mobile worker can accomodate one

  6. Hmmmmmm, now that the expansion parts came out as PBandai, makes me wonder if they'll release the Lupus and Lupus RexaRex PBandai as well 🤔

    1. Why would the Lupus and Lupus Rex be P-Bandai? They're the TV-series main title protagonist mobile suits for IBO like the basic Barbatos. They're not going to put those as P-Bandai, much like how they haven't put stuff like the Wing Zero, 00 Gundam, or Freedom Gundam as P-Bandai.

  7. So... I guess we'll get a PBandai Lupus Rex with optional parts for the Lupus?

    1. Why do people keep thinking that Bandai is going to make the Lupus and Lupus Rex - two of the most popular designs from IBO, and also their main title protagonist mobile suit designs - as P-Bandai exclusives?

    2. Doubt that, cause there's a lot that changes with both Lupus and Lupus Rex for its armor. I'm sure a lot of people would be pissed, too, if they didn't do it as a regular release. I'll be damned if they do release those as P-Bandai, of course, but given how popular this design is, I doubt they would do it like that.

  8. And you could get two forms out of each kit, if you have another base Barbatos to use. Forms 1-3 and forms 5G, 5S, and 6 don't have any overlapping parts with each other.

  9. I would be interested were it not for the redesign of the arm mounted autocannons for the 5th form ground. I don't like them

  10. And THIS has pushed the MG Barbatos up the list the kits I want to get alongside this kit. Hot damn, that wrench mace!

  11. Let's check the overall cost if you want to display every variant (including unarmored versions) of the original Barbatos.

    For all three early types you need two for the shoulder and forearm parts plus a possible third if the grappling hook uses the same parts.
    5G and 6 require the same feet and wench mace, so two plus unarmored 6 means three.
    If the cannons require the 5 forearm parts then that's also three plus an extra two for unarmored 5 and 6.
    * Overriding the above is if both forearm variants parts don't use the extras, putting us back down to two to four so you can reduce the number of expansion sets you need by one below.

    So if you want all the variants you need to buy three to five of these expansion sets if they're not hiding extras, plus seven to nine MG Barbatos assuming you don't already have 4th Form. That works out to 44,880 (425$) to 61,600 (583$) yen, minus 4,950 (47$) if you already own 4th. This doesn't add on extra costs like shipping or reseller markups.

    This all assumes you're a maniac like me that likes to display every variant of a kit at once.

  12. Hey, this could mean we will have a MG Graze because the Barbatos 2nd form shoulder armor comes from a Graze.

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