METAL BUILD: Launcher Striker [Alternative Strike Ver.] - Release Info

METAL BUILD: Launcher Striker [Alternative Strike Ver.] REISSUE
Release Date: July 2024
Price: 9,900 Yen

Release Date: September 2020
Price: 8,250 Yen

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the renowned "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED," fans are rewarded to a much-anticipated re-release of the Launcher Striker. This event is more than just a tribute to a beloved series; it is a resurgence of the awe-inspiring technology and design that has captivated fans for two decades.

The Launcher Striker's centerpiece is the "Agni" 320mm Hyper Impulse Cannon. This fearsome weapon has been redesigned to replicate the deadly power of a cannonball attack, with a gun barrel deployment gimmick that substantially increases its visual impact. The careful attention to detail in its design is an homage to the Gundam series' rich tradition.

Additionally, the Launcher Striker has a combo weapon pod on its shoulder that contains cruise missiles and beam sabers. This multi-functional characteristic enables a wide selection of weaponry, demonstrating the Gundam universe's versatility and ingenuity.

A crucial feature of this re-release is the reconfigurable shield, which can be attached to the arm to provide multiple armed forms and increase the model's dynamic potential. Furthermore, the inclusion of stand pieces compatible with "METAL BUILD Aile Striker" and "METAL BUILD Sword Striker" considerably improves the display possibilities of the "METAL BUILD Strike Gundam."

The complete set also includes specific joint components for attaching the Striker Pack to the METAL BUILD Astray series, allowing fans to experiment with numerous variations and setups, such as dual-launcher models. This feature stresses modification and personal expression, both of which contribute to Gundam models' long-lasting appeal.

While this re-release is similar to the "METAL BUILD Launcher Striker" from September 2020, it's worth noting that the sales prices have changed since its initial release.

The main product contents include:
  • Agni parts set
  • Combo Weapons Pod
  • Backpack
  • Shield set
  • 2 Cruise missiles
  • 2 Beam saber bundles
  • 2 Beam saber blades
  • Shield joint for Gundam Astray
  • Backpack joint for Gundam Astray
  • Display base set



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