METAL BUILD Gundam Exia Repair IV - Release Info

METAL BUILD Gundam Exia Repair IV
Release Date: July 2020
Price: 23,100 Yen

Graham Aker's Gundam Exia Repair IV has finally revealed its full potential in METAL BUILD form. This Gundam is the upgraded version of the Gundam Exia Repair III appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Festival 10 "Re:vision" to commemorate the Mobile Suit Gundam 00's 10th anniversary.

Gundam Exia Repair IV's design and aesthetics pays respect to Gundam Exia and 00 Gundam variations, combined in one design! The unit is also weaponized with seven unique swords that can be equipped on its back when not in use.

x 2 GN Bayonet, a sword / rifle equipment that can be equipped as a hand held weapon that can perform both short and long ranged combat.

x 2 GN Battle Blade can also be used as a close combat weapon, allowing the Repair IV to move freely in tough situations.

x 2 GN Battle Sword are long blade weapons that can be deployed anytime from its GN Shield to protect itself from any close combat scenario.

GN Tachi is a Japanese sword type weapon that can slice through enemies armor with ease!

The Gundam unit designed and supervised by the original Mobile Suit Gundam 00 mechanical designer, Ebikawa Kanetake, and with the help of Metal Build engineering team that made it possible for Gundam Exia Repair IV to make it in the METAL BUILD figure series line.



  1. Replies
    1. Labeling your swords is a great way to stay organized.

    2. I feel like Graham is the new roommate at Celestial Being, and he has to reorganize all of Setsuna's clutter.

  2. What's the gundam in the shadow in the last picture?!

    1. It's the Dynames Repair II, the second new design from Festive 10 Re:vision.

    2. It's the Dynames R3, it was shown off at the same trade show as the Exia r4 last year. There should be a post on this site for it. I was honestly kinda feeling like Bandai forgot they showed it off at all.

    3. It's the new version of the dynames for season 3

    4. GN-002REIII Gundam Dynames Repair III, Laetitia Erde's Mobile Suit from the same source as Exia R4, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 FESTIVAL 10 "Re:vision".

      ... we don't actually have an idea of what Repair II looks like or how it was refitted after the events of the movie (as that was simply Dynames Repair), but maybe we will once the METAL BUILD for Dynames R3 comes out.

  3. Cause why not another Exia for them to make.

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