Robot Damashii (SIDE MS) Gundam F91 ~EVOLUTION SPEC~ - Release Info

Robot Damashii (SIDE MS) Gundam F91 ~EVOLUTION SPEC~ 
Release Date: May 2020
Price: 5,280 Yen

The Gundam F91 is making its return in the Robot Damashii figure line after its first big hit release in the same figure line back in 2010! Product engineers has been carefully studying the RD line to perfect their product for the past 10 years. The EVOLUTION SPEC version of the Gundam F91 aims to bring its anime version to life by giving an in depth attention its articulation and detailing!

The round armor structure of the Gundam F91 has been realized that also respects the original design shown in the anime film. The designers also gave the figure a glossy finish to give some realistic touch to the Gundam F91.

10 years ago, the figure had some soft parts for its armor pieces, which made the figure a little less stable and durable. This release gives the RD Gundam F91 an almost full ABS plastic exterior armor pieces to give it a cleaner and sharper feel, and to give the figure to a more durable and flexible material. Its inner framing and joint parts are made up of [Polyoxymethylene] POM material to provide stability and harder joints to the figure for it to perform some wide range articulation without any problems.

Gundam F91 will not be complete without its special equipment and unique armor parts, which were also defined carefully in this special release. The set comes with variety of hand replacement parts to hold its different equipment, provided with great stability also to avoid weight issues.

The set also comes with effect parts for a its beam saber that portrays a propeller like effect that also creates a makeshift beam buzz saw effect for the unit just like in the anime.

The figure comes with variety of equipment and replacement parts, including a replacement part for the "face open" mode of its head. It also comes with two beam saber effect parts, two beam saber hilt, one beam rifle, a beam launcher, two fin parts for the left and right shoulders.

Check out more features and gimmicks by watching the official trailer from Bandai Spirits.



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