GunPla Builders World Cup (GBWC) 2019 Championship Winners

Another year has passed for all the modelers and another champion has been crowned to be the best GunPla modeler of the year! Each representatives in 16 countries have challenged one another to compete for the grand prize. All the modelers have taken their time to build, paint, scratch, and present their work to the world and show that GunPla is indeed a wonderful hobby!

The best of the best in each category are chosen by no other than Mr. Kawaguchi himself and other judges in each country. Judges criteria includes paint job, modified parts, original designed masterpiece, and of course presentation!

The Mainland China has gotten our judges taste in this year's challenge. Presenting ZHAO ZHUJUN's customized Perfect Grade Gundam Exia, is kitbashed with other model kits like SD Legend BB Strike LIUBEI Gundam, and added some scratch built parts from head to toe! The modeler called his masterpiece, DREAM.

The model is also accompanied by Gundam Exia's Real Grade version, relaxing and reading a book on the lower piece of the vignette presentation the modeler has made.

Other modeler's works surely has something to showcase. Maybe not enough to beat this year's Champion but still proves that their work of art are not just a combined plastic models.

Here are the runner ups for the OPEN CATEGORY.

From Malaysia. Modeler YAP SOON CHONG has made a stunning presentation of his grunt mobile suits in a diorama piece, under the title Angel Strike Back. The modeler surely has spent his time making sure that this amazing diorama would make a lot of impact. Attention to the detail and weathering are the key parts for this type of masterpiece, which the modeler has succeeded to achieve.

Modeler Ronald Madi from Indonesia has made a wonderful piece showcasing Earth Federation's mobile suits in a diorama presentation, including a Master Grade Jesta, and other GunPla that were customized to the modeler's perspective, and also painted with uniformity. The whole presentation of this masterpiece is another definition of simplicity is beauty. 

The modeler titled this piece, Earth Federation Special Force (Tactical Support Unit).

Moving on the JUNIOR COURSE. We are happy to see that the junior GunPla enthusiasts are getting better and better in every year's GBWC!

Mun Yan Ting Shermaine from Singapore has managed to grab to Golden Gundam trophy to represent the Junior course category of this year's championship. His model is a vignette presentation of HGFC Fuunsaiki, combined with HGBD Mobile Doll Sarah.

Excellent choice of colors and environment defined this masterpiece in another level.

The modeler titled his work, M.Y.T.S Doll Sarah (Rider Mode)

South Korea took the second place in this year's Junior Category, with Myong Junho's Advanced of Zeta -Titans Test Team D

A simple yet effective presentation of Titans Test Team from the Advance of Zeta series. The modeler used some of the AOZ HGUC model kit series and combined them together in a hangar type diorama.

The Master Grade Sengoku Astray Gundam, took the Musha Gundam's spot and won the 3rd place to the GBWC 2019 Junior category! Modeler Thái Ngọc Anh Quân has presented the kit by changing Sengoku Astray's colors in to a more bold red, showing some great image to the kit in a very effective way.

The modeler titled his masterpiece ONI PERSON.

Since GunPla grows every year, Bandai Spirits and other companies collaborates to promote each other. This year's sponsors has brought the modelers great prizes and special awards!

Starting with the G40 award! - A special award commemorating Ken Okuyama's collaboration with the Gundam's 40th anniversary.

This award goes to TOKI MARUYAMA, the modeler of Eternal rival ... Beyond the shining time from the Junior Course in Japan. A presentation of successor and predecessor mobile suits from the Universal Century timeline! The modeler used Mega Size Char's Zaku II and Mega Size RX-78-2 Gundam models, partnered with Master Grade Ver. Ka Sazabi and RX-93 nu Gundam in a diorama presentation.

A special award from THE GUNDAM BASE has been presented to Jaef Liang, the man behind the amazing Operation V diorama presentation from Singapore!

The modeler combined HG and RG models for this masterpiece.

Moving on to the SanteFX award which was given to REITA TAKAHASHI of Japan, the modeler behind the -Beautiful Supreme Ruler- - A presentation of MG Sengoku Astray Gundam combined with a dragon shaped mobile armor behind it.



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