Tamashii Club Members Gets an Exclusive Look at the new Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude Features

Tamashii Nations organizes a special event for all of its Club Members to showcase the new features of the upcoming GFFMC Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude.

CLUB TAMASHII MEMBERS is a membership program where you can earn miles from shopping at the Premium Bandai “Tamashii Web Shop”! They also giveaway offer coupons, gifts and special events like this one. 

Members who have accumulated miles over a certain stage were invited to the “Preview Night” where they could see an exclusive event showcasing the new Tamashii products.
One of the main attractions of the event is the Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude GFFMC figure, which is a variant of the Wing Gundam Zero EW that appears in the New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop novel series.

The Snow White Prelude is the new addition to the Wing Gundam Zero EW variants, that comes with additional  three pairs of wings called "Seraphim units" and attached with armament called "Neue Zwerg". The Snow White also has different transformations to perform different tactics depending on the type of battle.

Here are some images showcasing its different modes.

  • MODE ANTHEM - An open wide position that indicates a free tactic mode.

  • MODE RONDO -  Seraphims that carries the Neue Zwerg are deployed to the front. Both defense and offence mechanism is activated.

  • NEO BIRD MODE - A new look to the Wing Gundam's Neo Bird Mode is presented in the Snow White! The new design also gives a little more aerodynamic feel to the unit. It also offers additional fire-power with its Neue Zwerg equipment attached to the sides.

The designers also stated that this is just a prototype model of the Gundam Snow White, since they added the "Prelude" on its name to indicate that there is more to come as they plan the next phase.

Tamashii Webshop will have the figure ready for pre-orders in November 2019. The shipment will start in May 2020 for 29,700 Yen. Exclusive offers for the club members will be offered once the pre-sale is ready.



  1. Still calling this out for what it is, a cash grab

    I'd have been perfectly fine with this if they changed the main wings, but nope.

    Plus the price tag is a slap in the face as this is cheaper than the GFFMC Wing Zero.

    1. But this is literally what this version of the wing zero ew is supposed to be - a white/grey wing zero. It's generous enough that they added on those extra wings. They could of just repainted the original GFF white and called it a day.

  2. I don't know why they didn't just add one more of those weapons and call them dwarves

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