P-Bandai: METAL ROBOT DAMASHII (SIDE MS) Sun Quan Gundam [REAL TYPE VER.] - Release Info

Release Date: April 2020
Price: 14,300 Yen

The Sun Quan Gundam joins the Metal Robot Spirits line and will be sold in a lottery process via Premium Bandai official website.

This Gundam is part of the BB Senshi Sangokuden Real Type version Gundam figure series.

You will be getting an email from the official P-Bandai webshop with instructions on how to pay for the product if you win the lottery purchase. All people that has a P-Bandai webshop account are eligible to join the raffle sale.


  • Replacement wrist left and right 2 x types
  • Gao sword
  • Gao sword mount joint 
  • Exclusive pedestal
  • Soul stage arm set



  1. Replies
    1. Yup,they just cheated us out of an actual MB Gp03 with this...

    2. No they didn't. This figure uses the exact same base as the Ryuubi Metal Damashii. The only part that's actually GP03 is the MS Sun Quan is based on.

  2. I don't get why more and more things are becoming exclusive. Is Bandai no longer confident in selling figures anymore? I really don't understand the reasoning behind this. These designs aren't even in competition with other lines like metal build or model kits like the normal ones are. So why even make unique designs exclusive knowing people would buy it? Not only that, they aren't even obtainable because you're supposed to enter a lottery to get a chance to buy it.

    1. High production cost, they're just playing it safe, their stock numbers are minimal even when mass released products (trying to get a metal build is painful to say the least).

      Its not like the west where people are willing to pay up for something and then forced to do clearance sales, noticed how crap hlj's sales are these days, they're taking in less stock so when they have left overs they don't have to price them to "go", not like where I am where star wars black series are priced at 90% off because no one wants a rey figure and they have 50 of the things to clear!

    2. rantoff i completely agree with you on this. I worked at a local mom and pop toy shop not too long ago and the owner taught me a lot of things about the business of toys and collectables I never knew. Your example of the star wars black series is spot on. Every set that comes out turns into a nightmare when its time to put em on the shelves or sell em online or at conventions, I couldn't even begin to say how many Kylo figures, Rey figures, and just about every storm/cline trooper figures we have in the storage room. Stuff like Darth Revan and Boba Fett were sold before we even got the cases in from wherever we ordered em from. So I can understand why certain companies do some of the things they do, and I'm ok with them doing that. Do I get disappointed if I can't get my hands on an exclusive? Of course, but never mad or anything like that. If I really want something that bad, my old boss is good at finding those things and offering em up to me for a fair price.

  3. The most stupidest thing ever.
    "Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of being permitted to pay us money!"

  4. would love too get one but i will never win a lottery and even if i did would probaly not have the money when i got the mail because that is just my dumb luck oh well still pretty cool too see !

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