Another Gundam Base To Open along with a New Gundam Cafe in Fukuoka

Bandai Spirits announces that they will be opening a new Gundam Base store with a new Gundam Cafe at the same time.

Concept art for Gundam Base FUKUOKA location (opens Nov. 30, 2019)

Both stores will be opening at the 1st floor of Canal City Hakata South Building on November 30, 2019!

"The Gundam Base" is an official store that specialize "GunPla" that started in Korea in 2003, Taiwan in 2005, Tokyo in 2017, and Shanghai in 2018. Bandai/Bandai Spirits plans to bring more Gundam Base through Asia and other parts of the world as they expand the business over the years.

The Fukuoka location will also open a "Build Room" where customers can build their GunPla and chat with fellow GunPla enthusiasts.

Concept art for Gundam Cafe FUKUOKA location (opens Nov. 30, 2019)
Enjoy Gundam inspired pastries, food and drinks at your favorite cafe! The Gundam Cafe will also bring exclusive merchandise to enthusiasts. From special mugs, plates, and other food grade utensils!

The Gundam Cafe's intention when it first opened in Osaka, was to build an information about Gundam to people in Japan by serving familiar looking foods inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam characters. Their idea has always evolved and changed since the opening in Akihabara in 2010, and now grew into a different level approach to their original idea.

Gundam Cafe wants to bring more people to know Gundam, while enjoying their time in a place like they have never been before.

Concept arts for both facilities were revealed at the website.

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