Zeonic Fully Revealed Their STEM DIY Zaku Robots!

Zeonic Technics revealed their first fully functioning DIY Zaku robot at the Tokyo Toy Show 2019 and launched its official Premium Bandai special page!

Zeonic and Bandai has been teasing us with their trailers for the past 2 years about their project. Now, they've shown its potential and letting fans know that they are planning to accept orders for the project in October 2019 and moving forward to next phase.

Bandai's BN Bot is in charge of developing the kit and teamed up with companies in Japan that specializes in different studies. From robot development by Kondo Kagaku Co., Ltd. and bloomakeLab, curriculum development by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., and educational material and operation by TechAcademy.

The Zeonic Technics series concentrates in a dynamic approach to the Gundam world's mobile suits, in a smaller scale - where the plastic model Zaku will have its own "Zeonic Technics" framing that can be programmed and built depending on the user's preferences.

Here's a short video clip showing the basic concept of the STEM model.

The company has teased a demo unit in the Tokyo Toy Show 2019 on Thursday, June 13, 2019 for the buyers conference. The public demo will be available starting June 15 ~ 16, 2019 during the same event.

Zeonic Technics aims to provide education on robotics and programming to its users. While providing the kit with the STEM system, you can build your own Zaku robot at home, with your family, and learn more about the concept as you configure how to work with each parts and pieces of the kit.

The biped robot kit will be equipped with a gyro sensor and an objective (distance) sensor in addition to its 17 servomotors. You can also use your smart phone to make the robot move and program the system with a downloadable app that will be available as soon as the set gets released. 

Here's a trailer for the franchise aired in October 2018 via Bandai Official Channel (YouTube)

The franchise also plans to make this an actual educational material for the Japanese Junior High students starting 2020.


  1. I love how it can be built as a Zaku Tank! XD

  2. i know someone will make it do the default dance

  3. I hope Bandai actually sells it in the US. Right now all they've set up is a P-Bandai page, and all P-Bandai sells in the US is ludicrously overpriced shirts and garbage like that. Course, even if they sell in the US, it'll still be insanely expensive... but totally worth every penny... this is the first step towards real life gundam battles, and I, for one, will welcome our new gigantic robot overlords.