361° Collaborates with Gundam to Release Summer Apparel and Gundam Sneakers

Gundam continues to celebrate their 40th anniversary with awesome collaboration with different companies around the world!

This time, they have partnered with one of the major supplier of sporting goods in China, 361° to release summer apparels including the RX-78-2 Gundam style sneakers.

The shoes are available for purchase at the 361° Tmall for only $72 USD per pair, while supplies last.

Some of the summer apparel include cotton t-shirts printed with Zaku and RX-78-2 Gundam design, also, they have released pairs of sport pants with the same design concept to go with the shirts. All licensed by Sunrise.

The company also teased their Char's Zaku II inspired sneakers.



  1. I like the idea but the t-shirt design looks cheap like the one you would find zazzle or teepublic

    1. I kind of agree. Fun concept, but maybe a little too scratching the surface. It's one of the reasons I have issues with companies that are too big to care about what fans want to mass produce generic ideas instead of being more unique and faithful towards not only the franchise, but also originality.

  2. So the company that makes these will not be shipping these products outside of China. They have made that very clear on their instagram account. I personally have my reservations about these designs, both shirts and shoes, but to each their own. Personally I find these designs and shoes to be great for kids 8 to 15 who are into Gundam. Again, my personal opinion. If this was something that came out back in the 2000s when Mobile Suit Gundam first aired on Toonami, I would for sure would of wanted all of this. As a near 30 year old, I'm more picky about looking good and more tasteful with my fashion. Strict G, a clothing brand directly connected with Sunrsise and Bandai, also does not ship outside of Japan. Ultimately your best bet is to have someone who lives in either of these countries to get these products.

    Though, for those looking for alternative, more original designs that are not too cookie cutter, and have personal tastes involved in the foundation of authentic fandom and person style, I would suggest looking to other places online. Say for instance a designer who may be making this post right now who may have designs that ship globally. That has an original take on the franchise that they developed back in 2014, but conceptualized back in the late 2000s. Possibly associated with a person who makes Hip Hop anime remixes. Just a thought.

  3. Anyone that can translate...which row is USA shoe sizing?

  4. The Gundam shoes remind me of Beginnning Gundam.

  5. Where i can buy cash on delivery that gundam shoes RX-78-2 Gundam style sneakers.

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