Gundam Base Online Shop Will Hold Vintage Victory Gundam Model Kits

Premium Bandai and Gundam Base Tokyo collaborates to bring in Victory Gundam model kits for a limited time, online. But don't worry, the kits will not be online exclusive and they will be sold in stores at the same time as regular release.

Gundam Base Tokyo online shop:

The kits are available for purchase in the Gundam Base Tokyo as usual!

The lineup includes...
  • MG 1/100 V-Dash Gundam Ver. Ka - 6,264 Yen
  • MG 1/100 V2 Gundam Ver. Ka - 4,860 Yen
  • 1/144 V2 Buster Gundam - 540 Yen
  • 1/144 Mobile Suit V Gundam Weapon Set - 540 Yen
  • 1/144 Zollidia - 540 Yen
  • 1/144 Rig Shokew - 540 Yen
  • 1/144 Gun Blaster - 756 Yen
  • 1/144 V2 Gundam - 540 Yen
  • 1/144 Zoloat - 540 Yen
  • 1/144 Javelin - 540 Yen
  • 1/144 Tomliat - 540 Yen
  • 1/144 Jamesgun - 540 Yen
  • 1/144 Gun-EZ - 540 Yen
  • 1/144 V Gundam - 540 Yen
  • 1/60 V2 Gundam - 3,240 Yen

Bandai Spirits recently teased a model kit in a frosted glass in the Gundam Base Tokyo Victory Gundam World event back in February 2019. The model will be revealed anytime soon!


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  1. For their cost and size, those old 1/144 V Gundam kits are really good. I'd love to see some get proper HG treatment though. I'd kill for an HGUC Javelin or Gun-EZ/Gunblaster (I know we have the Re/100, but I prefer the 1/144 scale, most of my collection is 1/144, and HG kits are easier to produce.)

  2. Man these V-gundam kits bring back the memories. I used to skimp on lunch in Jr High so that I could buy the 1/144 no grade kits for $7-8 at my local comic shop.

  3. Oh so the V-Dash ver ka is going to finally be reprinted. About damn time.

  4. Now if only Bandai would make these Mobile Suits from Victory Gundam into the HGUC line.

  5. As cool as this is, I would've much preferred them releasing some new HGs from Victory - particularly some Zanscare Empire ones. It's a crying shame that it's 2019 yet we still don't have a modern HG of Victory's Char Clone. T_T

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