Gundam and Hello Kitty Collabs for Anniversary Project

Hello Kitty and Gundam goes for a clash to celebrate their anniversaries. It's the 45th year for Hello Kitty and 40th for Gundam!

You can start participating in this event by downloading the LINE communication app in which you can register and add the official Gundam VS Hello Kitty LINE official account and vote which side you want to support and participate in different stages offered by each side to get points and win fabulous prizes.

In addition, the top tier presenters in the annual ranking will get a luxury gift! Please see the official Gundam VS Hello Kitty project official website fore details.

Official website:


The collaboration starts with their Marugame Seimen campaign which allows fans to collect points whenever they visit the store by scanning the provided QR code for the event.

Valid receipts are also entitled to be in a raffle draw where the entrant could win prizes. The promo is valid from April 2 to May 19, 2019.

Prizes includes t-shirts commemorating the event partnership and a special dining set with logo of Gundam 40th and Hello Kitty 45th anniversary. These will be given away to 600 lucky winners.


Visit the Ito Yokado specialty store during the golden week! You can support the project by visiting the store or by simply purchasing a product during the event from May 1 through 6 of 2019. You can see more details about the event by visiting the official Ito Yokado store event calendar.

Earn points by visitng: scan the the event poster provided with QR code.

Earn points by purchase: purchase a minimum of 1,000 yen per receipt.


A surprise event will be announced once it is available. The surprise stage of the event involves scavenger-hunt-like or mystery solving puzzle game. Everyone can join and be the first to reach the goal and catch the big prize!

The last stage remains undetermined until the final announcement.


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