Gundam Base Tokyo to Announce New Premium Bandai Products

Official Gundam Base Tokyo's twitter announced on Tuesday that the Prevan Gundam channel will be streaming product announcements including Premium Bandai models on November 27, 2018 at 18:00 JST [6:00PM], showcasing new and related products for the Gundam franchise.

The products that were revealed at the livestream are now posted on our website.
You can check them out at these links:

P-Bandai: HGUC 1/144 II Neo Zeong [Narrative Ver.]


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  1. yay? Hopefully we can see something like the Fellow Booster or the Corvette Booster

  2. Bandai, please make the HGUC Gundam Crossbone X1 Full Cloth and HG 00 Gundam Cherudim SAGA with special effect parts like the HGCE Gundam Strike Freedom with Wings of Light effect parts. And please make a regular release HGAW Leopard Gundam, HGUC Kapool, and HGAC Altron Gundam.

    If the original GNX-4 and R-Jarja are getting model kit releases, Bandai needs to do this for the X1 Full Cloth, SAGA, Leopard Gundam, Kapool, and Altron.

  3. RG Phenex and HGUC Galbaldy ß High Mobility Type are what i'm hoping for

  4. My hopes are for the following:
    MG Dowadge (based on the MG Dom, even if it is an ancient kit)
    MG Desert Zaku
    MG Dom Tropen (they could do the original color scheme and the Unicorn scheme)
    MG GM III (possibly one in regular colors with a beam javelin and another in the desert colors)

    But honestly, most of these kits should have a regular MG or Re/100 release (the Dom derivatives should be based on an MG 2.0 Dom), but Bandai barely does MG releases anymore. Time will tell.

  5. Im waiting for a RG Phenex, and the RG Armed armor VN/BS, PG trans AM Exia, HGAC Altron Gundam, RG Tallgeese, MG Unicorn Perfectibility, RG Exia repair III, and R4

  6. I want the following MG (and not Premium Bandai plz)
    RX-78-6 MudRock
    Dom Tropen
    GP01-03 Ver KA or 2.0
    GM III
    Zaku III
    Gundam MK V

  7. The Dom Tropen would be an excellent Re/100 kit. So would the Gelgoog Marine and the Gerbera tetra...

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